Fortnite pro NRG Ronaldo wants to play with Kylie Jenner and the internet is all for it

Image via Kylie Jenner & NRG Ronaldo
Image via Kylie Jenner & NRG Ronaldo
Modified 16 Feb 2021

Kylie Jenner tweeted out asking what she should record for YouTube, and NRG pro Ronaldo recommended that she play Fortnite with him.

Kylie Jenner's YouTube is about beauty, days in her life, and behind-the-scenes videos. That's what she most likely meant when she tweeted out to her fans asking what they'd want to see.

Image via Kylie Jenner
Image via Kylie Jenner's YouTube

NRG Ronaldo responded to her post suggesting that she should play Fortnite with him. This was a bold suggestion, and everyone could see why it may be ignored. It seems that Ronaldo was aware of this too, going off how he wrote the tweet.

Surprisingly, it didn't end there, as Ronaldo received a lot of support. It would appear that Twitter and the internet want to see Kylie try something new. More specifically, there aren't many people who would pass up the chance to watch a real celebrity play a video game.

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Some are just negative doubters. They are not wrong that this tweet will likely be ignored, but supporting it can only help.

What is surprising is that there are no witty tweets. Scrolling down is like watching people vote in a contest with no opinions, just a "yes" or "no" to the idea.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Hopefully, Kylie will agree to this deal. Not just because it'd be great to watch Kylie play, but instead because Kylie has an influence on other celebrities. It may be Kylie today, but in a few months, it could be Brad Pitt or Chris Hemsworth.

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Fortnite is just one of many video games gaining traction from Celebrities

As generations age, it becomes more acceptable for bigger stars to like video games. Victoria Justice recently expressed that she would be up to playing Minecraft with Karl Jacobs. Henry Cavill is a well-noted World of Warcraft player and used his love of The Witcher series to bring the character to life on Netflix.

This could start a trend of making video games more acceptable to a wide range of people. Only time will tell if anything comes of this tweet, but NRG Ronaldo at least has the right idea.

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Published 16 Feb 2021
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