Fortnite pros to compete in charity Blood Gulch battle

(Image Credit: Epic Games)
(Image Credit: Epic Games)

Multiple professional Fortnite players and content creators will be competing in a match on the classic Halo map, Blood Gulch, to raise money for Gamers Outreach, a charity which aims to make games available to children stuck in hospitals.

Professional players like SypherPK, FaZe Ewok, Benjyfishy, and more will be participating in a game of capture the flag in a recreation of one of the most iconic multiplayer maps from Halo. Fans will be able to watch the event live on Twitch at 7:00 PM ET on December 19th.

Fortnite supports Gamers Outreach

Gamers Outreach is a charity organization that aims to help children endure uncomfortable hospital stays. By providing both entertainment and distraction to the young minds as their bodies are treated, Gamers Outreach can make these hospital stays less scary and more beneficial.

It also helps the nurses and doctors focus more on fighting and treating illness by providing an avenue for their young patients to remain calm. And by helping these patients keep their spirits high, they can actually help improve the chances of recovery as the chemical effects of fear and depression can inhibit the body’s natural processes for recovery.

All in all, Gamers Outreach helps bring hope and happiness to the people who often need it most, and is more than deserving of some additional focus during these trying times.

Blood Gulch comes to Fortnite

The competitors will be participating in a game of capture the flag in Blood Gulch. For those old enough to remember the release of the original Halo, Blood Gulch is remembered as the large valley surrounded by towering canyons with two bases sat on opposite ends. The map was one of the best maps for making use of Halo’s assortment of vehicles.

The Fortnite recreation of Blood Gulch brings in the various vehicles to the fight, but certain key differences change how the map is played. First off, Fortnite doesn’t have Halo’s iconic shield regeneration which makes the use of suppressing fire and stray bullets more useful as every point of damage adds up.

One shift from the Halo variant of this map is that Fortnite doesn’t allow for hitscan sniper rifles. In Halo, a sniper can effectively one-shot opponents without giving them a chance to react, whereas in Fortnite, the bullets have a travel time to be accounted for. In a normal game of Fortnite players can build their own cover to account for this, but this feature has been removed in the Blood Gulch map.

This might actually be the most significant change to Fortnite players, as the inability to gather materials and build up means that players will have to resort to more traditional strategies in order to win.

Regardless of how it goes, it will be interesting to see how the games go.

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