Fortnite Season 3: Why are players rejecting the new ‘Charge’ Shotgun?

Players are rejecting the 'Charged Shotguns' in Fortnite. (Image Credit: Essentiallysports)
Players are rejecting the 'Charged Shotguns' in Fortnite. (Image Credit: Essentiallysports)
Rijit Banerjee

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 has introduced a new shotgun meta into the game. Recently, Epic decided to replace the community beloved 'Pump Shotguns' with Charge Shotguns.

As the name suggests, these shotguns require the player to charge or wind-up a shot before shooting from the weapon.

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The introduction of Charge Shotgun has affected the game's meta as some players are abandoning the Charge Shotguns and using Tactical Shotguns. There might be a variety of reasons beind this. Thus, in this article, we explore some of the reasons why 'Charge Shotguns' are being rejected by some Fortnite Players.

Rejection of the new 'Charge Shotgun' in Fortnite Season 3

Reason #1- Charge or Wind-up time: Charge Shotguns are unique to their class of weapon as there is a slight delay before you can shoot from the weapon.

Reason #2- No Flicking possible: As the weapon doesn't go off instantly, certain gameplay mechanics such as flicking is not possible with this weapon. Thus, Good Muscle memory in flicking wouldn't prove as beneficial with this weapon.

Reason #3- High Risk: Charge Shotguns are very risky if not utilized properly in competitive matches. Your enemy can time his/her edits according to your charging sounds. On the flip side, Tactical shotguns can be used more frequently than the Charge shotguns as you can recover from a missed shot pretty quickly.

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How are professional players using the Charge Shotgun in Fortnite?

Professional players are adapting very quickly to the new shotgun meta. Most of these players play for around 5-10 hours a day and have mastered the weapon. Thus, here are some pointers to help you use the Charge Shotguns effectively in the game:

  1. Do not charge up the gun fully if you are not confident that the shot will land. This will help to get more shots off.
  2. Always build and edit walls to get your shots off. This will help you hit fully charged headshots.
  3. Follow your enemy with the gun's crosshair. This will help you to land more shotgun shots.

These pointers should help you get better at Fortnite and potentially adapt to it.

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