Fortnite Season 4: Where to find Witch Broomsticks and how to travel 100 meters on it

Witch Brooms can now be used in Fortnite with the newest update (Image credit: FortTory/Twitter)
Witch Brooms can now be used in Fortnite with the newest update (Image credit: FortTory/Twitter)

Fortnite Season 4 released a new Halloween based update today, and things have begun to get spooky on the island. Although the update is a fairly large one, the amount of content it provides will make the download a worthwhile one for the players. There have been quite a few new Halloween themed additions, including new POIs, Shadow Midas, and a fresh mobility item as well.

Rideable Fortnite Broom Sticks were leaked a few days before the update, and the new broomstick emote confirmed this beyond a doubt. This update has brought it into the game as a mythic item, and they function in a manner similar to Silver Surfer's mythic ability. They provide players with an additional option to traverse the map quickly, but come equipped with a cooldown of 20 seconds after a single use.

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In this guide, we will be showing you the locations on the map where these stellar new Broomsticks can be found, and giving you further insights on how to complete the pertinent challenge without too much difficulty as well.

Where are the Witch Broom Sticks in Fortnite?

Fortnitemares has added a new item called witch broomsticks into the game, and they provide another mobility option to the players. They can be used to get out of sticky situations, or simply to move around the map at a more efficient pace than usual. The Broomsticks can be found at multiple locations known as 'Witchshacks', which are spread across the map, as has been clarified below by FortTory.

These locations are easy to identify, as they are surrounded by illuminating lamps and withered trees. Players can simply go to these locations and search the barrels placed all around to get their hands on these mobility items.

To complete the Fortnitemares challenge, player will be best off using the broomstick from a cliff edge, to then fly a distance of at least 100m. This is a rather easy task to perform, and is one that can be completed by all players without too much of a fuss.

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