Fortnite Season 4: Ghost Rider confirmed to be next Marvel skin

Fortnitemare is upon us, and it seems like Ghost Rider will be coming to Fortnite
Fortnitemare is upon us, and it seems like Ghost Rider will be coming to Fortnite

Fortnite's new Halloween-themed Fortnitemare update is here, and it has a massive size of 27 GB on PCs. Thus, you might need some time to update the game. Meanwhile, new Fortnitemare challenges, new POIs, a new Ghostly Midas boss and more have made their way into this game.

The current season of the game is centred around Marvel, and this Halloween event should come as a relief to those of you who were expecting some non-promotional content from the game. However, do not worry if you are a Marvel fan, as new leaks suggest that Ghost Rider and Ant-Man should make their way into the game soon.

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In this article, we talk about the new Fortnitemare update and Marvel cosmetics/emotes coming to Fortnite.

Ghost Rider and Ant-Man coming to Fortnite Season 4?

Scary cosmetics are all over the place, as leakers have revealed some very cool information and pictures for upcoming skins in the game. They have also noticed a makeover of the existing default cosmetics, which is a delight to look at.

Apart from these leaks, FireMonkey, on Twitter, revealed a few quests and achievement/legacies which confirm the new Marvel characters.

If you look at the first legacy, it reveals Ant-Man, which could be an Easter egg or a reference to the existing Dog house in the game. Hence, it is unclear if he will come to the game as a character or a cosmetic. If you look at the last legacy, named Hell on Wheels, then better hold your horses! Players will have to drive a vehicle as Ghost Rider!

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The fiery Marvel character was teased initially on one of the comic book covers of Fortnite x Marvel, and fans had been speculating about him ever since.

Fortnitemare will be the perfect occasion to bring this awesome superhero to the game and give him to players. His Fireball ability had already been leaked a few days ago, and it fits perfectly with the current occasion.

Three emotes were also leaked by HYPEX, where the second one showcased the Good Doctor, who transforms to some sort of creature, which could be a straight reference to Hank, a Marvel comics character.

Thus, Fortnite has been giving several Marvel Easter eggs. However, let us keep the Marvel distraction away and let you all enjoy the true delight of Fortnitemares.

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