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Fortnite Season 6 Animal locations: Where to find Dinosaurs, Wolves, Boar, and other animals this season

Where to find animals in Fortnite Season 6 (Image via Epic Games)
Where to find animals in Fortnite Season 6 (Image via Epic Games)
Modified 31 Mar 2021

The introduction of animals in Fortnite Season 6 has been an absolute game-changer for the battle royale title.

Apart from being one of the main sources of craftable resources, animals can also be tamed to accompany the player throughout the course of the match. Initially, there were four types of animals in Fortnite Season 6. However, the release of update 16.10 saw the introduction of dinosaurs or raptors into the game.

These are the animals currently available in Fortnite Season 6,

  • Boars;
  • Chickens;
  • Frogs;
  • Wolves; and
  • Dinosaurs.

Since the release of Fortnite Season 6, there have been numerous speculations and leaks regarding the introduction of dinosaurs in the game. Additionally, with the entire game getting a primordial era-theme for the current season, the arrival of dinosaurs on the island was imminent.

Where to find animals in Fortnite Season 6?

Considering that there are five different kinds of animals available for players to find in Fortnite Season 6, it is obviously very rare to find all of these animals within a specific region.


Additionally, Epic Games has ensured that these animals have random spawn locations in Fortnite Season 6 so that players can find them roaming around the map. However, there are a few specific regions in Fortnite where players have a higher chance of finding a specific animal.

Here's a list of the places where players have a higher chance of finding these animals in Fortnite Season 6,

  • Boars - Players have a higher chance of finding these animals in farm areas such as Colossal Crops.
  • Chickens - These animals can be found randomly across the map of Fortnite. However, chickens appear in high density towards the eastern and north-eastern regions of the Spire.
  • Frogs - Players can find these animals near any river in Fortnite. These animals have the highest spawn rate in Fortnite Season 6.
  • Wolves - Stealthy Stronghold and Weeping Woods are the best locations to find wolves in Fortnite Season 6.
  • Dinosaurs - These newly added creatures can be found easily near the edges of the Spire Guardians as well as in Stealthy Stronghold.

Visiting these specific points of interest in Fortnite Season 6 will allow players to find their desired animal.

Players can check out how to tame these creatures by following this link.

Published 31 Mar 2021, 21:58 IST
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