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Fortnite Season 6: The island is starting to prepare for a 'Primal War' by barricading itself

Image via Fortnite
Image via Fortnite
Modified 02 Apr 2021

Fortnite's Misty Meadows and Pleasant Park are just two locations barricading themselves in preparation for an upcoming war.

There's speculation that it's some kind of Primal War, and Epic Games is currently teasing the new situation. It seems that the quests are heading in the same direction as well. If things continue down this path, it will become apparent that Epic Games is gearing up for a big event.

Raz and Tyrana are investigating the Spire, as seen in the quests in which the Player helps them. Things are coming to a critical point where only one of them can remain on the island or the Spire will be their next target. As a result of their armed conflict, barricades are being built to deter and defend towns and residents.

The speculation comes from clues hidden throughout this season, which will add to the likability of Season 6. This season felt like a repeat of last because players went from hunters to the hunted. If there is a point where there is a war between the cultures on the island, things will feel very new and original.


More details may come in the next few weeks, but for now, this information is all players have.

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The barricades look a lot like the original Fortnite: Save The World

With barricades set up to keep out a large army, the setup looks a lot like the original concept of Fornite. The original concept was to keep out zombies, but maybe this is Fortnite's way of fusing the two ideas into a single event.

All the barricades might be the way Fortnite is setting up their Save The World mode. There is always the chance that they will use this event to start a new Save The World mode against the Primal War. Using this method, you can advertise Save The World mode and encourage players who have given up on Battle Royale mode to return to Fortnite.

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Published 02 Apr 2021, 21:03 IST
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