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Fortnite star "SypherPK" explains why Season 5 could be the final season for Chapter 2

Image via SypherPK
Image via SypherPK
Modified 27 Jan 2021

Fortnite star SypherPK used math and probability to explain why the game's current season could be it's last.

Lately, SypherPK has offered a lot of comments on the current state of Fortnite. He opined on Epic Games' failures and talked about how Fortnite can bring back its competitive nature. Recently, he decided to focus on the change of Chapters.

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Fortnite is Season 5. SypherPK said that it took Fortnite 18 months to get to Season 5 while it took them 24 months to get to Season X. The latter was not revealed to be the last Season in Chapter One until the event.

After the old Fortnite map was destroyed, Chapter 2 was well-known to the community, and it was clear that there would be no Season 11.

It will be 2023 by the time Season 10 - Chapter 2 ended if Fortnite took the same amount of time on each season. The current season is barely halfway through. There are nearly a dozen hunters that have yet to be revealed. It will take nearly two months before Season Five ends. So, it seems like SypherPK is right in his prediction of the future.


There are Crystals at the center of the map, time rifts everywhere, and Fox Clan might be pulling something into this new map.

Hopefully, SypherPK is right, and Fortnite does end the chapter with this season. They should do it before this map gets stale. It is already starting to feel repetitive.

SypherPK misses the old map.


Everyone who has played on the old map misses it. SypherPK admitted this and empathized with others who are nostalgic for the old map. He still thinks that it wouldn't satisfy players for very long. The gamer said that a new map is fresh and would draw more attention to the game.

It would not be prudent for Epic Games to keep the same map for much longer.

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Published 27 Jan 2021, 20:16 IST
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