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Fortnite: SypherPK explains the struggles of creating content with no updates

SypherPK on his struggles of daily content creation in Fortnite. (Image Credit: EssentiallySports)
SypherPK on his struggles of daily content creation in Fortnite. (Image Credit: EssentiallySports)
Modified 30 Jul 2020, 19:23 IST

SypherPK is one of the best educational content creators of Fortnite on YouTube and Twitch. He frequently talks about the meta of the game, weapon usage and showcases glitches as well.

However, for the past few months, Fortnite's Season 2 and 3 in chapter 2 have been pretty long and thus, content creators like SypherPK have to re-innovate their tactics to keep generating new and engaging content on a daily basis.

In a recent interview with CourageJD and Nadeshot on 100 Thieves YouTube channel, SypherPK reflected on his early streaming career and the struggles of making daily Fortnite videos despite regular content updates from the developers of Fortnite.

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WATCH: SypherPK's interview with Nadeshot and CourageJD and his thoughts about Fortnite

SypherPK talks about the 'struggles' of daily Fortnite content creation

SypherPK has around 4.31 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, where he uploads daily Fortnite content with high-quality gameplay mixed along with informative commentary of the game. However, as mentioned earlier, SypherPK was among those content creators who had to 'innovate' to keep the Fortnite audience interested in his content as well as the game.


During the interview, when asked about the consistency of Fortnite videos despite there being no updates from the developers, he replied-

"There are definitely days where we have to push the limits of content creation and get real creative.. but it's been a fun challenge."

He also talked about how many YouTubers who couldn't adapt have left the game for alternative games that recieves frequent updates; namely Call of Duty, Valorant and more.

Sypher also emphasized on how 'Fortnite Fashion shows' became an overnight sensation, and his first few videos on the segment ended up gathering over a million views under 24 hours. Additionally, other popular content creators like Ali-A and Lachlan became a part of those shows which could have contributed to its success.

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The Fortnite Fashion show concept quickly became a hit since it allowed players to showcase their cosmetics in-game, while also allowing them to earn rewards. (that's if they win the said show)

SypherPK also talked a little about his early streaming career where the transition from Runescape to Fortnite lowered his daily audience but it proved to be worth it after he started getting popular, and people started enjoying his Fortnite content.

Published 30 Jul 2020, 19:23 IST
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