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Fortnite: SypherPK and Ninja discuss the possibility of the old map coming back

Image Credits: Business Insider
Image Credits: Business Insider
Modified 20 Sep 2020, 22:52 IST

Fortnite is currently almost halfway through Chapter 2 Season 4, which consists of an elaborate Marvel-themed crossover event.

Featuring the like of popular superheroes such as Iron Man, Wolverine, Thor, Groot and others, the season so far has been lapped up by fanboys across the globe, who continue to be in awe of what this season has to offer.

Another major development which the current season has brought about is the return of the most popular Fortnite pro, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, who of late has been having a lot of fun streaming the game:

This return was planned via the efforts of another popular Fortnite streamer, Ali "SypherPK" Hassan, who managed to convinced Ninja to return back to the game. The duo have been lighting up Fortnite island with their recent streams and apart from taking fans on a nostalgic trip, they also shared their valuable insights on important aspects of the game.

Ninja and Sypher discuss the Fortnite old map

[Timestamp: 0:30]


In a recent video released by FNSpotlight on YouTube, highlights from Ninja and SypherPK's stream is played.

At one particular juncture, the duo begin to discuss the possibility of the old Fortnite map making a comeback, with Sypher adamant that it will return and Ninja stating that it seems highly unlikely.

In defense of the old map, SypherPK says:

It's gonna happen because it only makes sense. Every game has like a classic version where they do like a little throwback and they get a lot of old players to come back . I can see it happening in two years from now.

In response, Ninja retorts:

You're insane gotta be careful with reminiscing and old shit because then it just completely like, then it sometimes kills the new shit.
If they did bring the old map back, they would one trillion percent bring back every streamer that ever played it, at least for a little bit. That might entice people to realize and play and see how fun the game is a solid strategy.

Sypher backs up his point by highlighting how Epic seems to heading towards this inevitable return:

We've already seen Epic do this on a smaller scale like they've brought POI's back, they've brought old guns back, they've unvaulted and revaulted things, so like the concept is there .

Ninja sums up their discussion with the following statement:

If they brought back the old map, they would have to 100 percent rejuvenate it, it would be like creating a new map.

With two of the top Fortnite streamers vouching for the old map to return, it remains to be seen if Epic decides to listen to the pleas of its fans and provide them with a nostalgic trip back to the original Fortnite landscape.

Published 20 Sep 2020, 22:52 IST
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