Fortnite: SypherPK has an unexpected reaction after LazarBeam's Icon Series skin releases

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 03 Mar 2021

While the rest of the world congratulated Lannan "LazarBeam" Eacott on his new Fortnite Icon Series skin, Fortnite pro Ali "SypherPK" Hassan had slightly different feelings.

SypherPK recently received his own locker bundle. even though he is a content creator, everyone has been saying that he deserves a Fortnite Icon Series skin too. To congratulate LazarBeam on the skin, SypherPK uploaded a meme to his Twitter handle.

Fortnite pro SypherPK has an unexpected reaction to LazarBeam's Fortnite Icon Series skin

SypherPK is known for his humor in the Fortnite circuit. His recent videos on his channel Sypher Shorts effectively display his sense of humor. While he did congratulate LazarBeam with a meme, in a later tweet, he went on to say that LazarBeam easily deserved the Fortnite Icon Series skin.

The internet, however, was of the opinion that SypherPK deserved an Icon Series skin as well.

Individuals on the internet also believe that SypherPK will be receiving a skin very soon.

People went on to argue that he won't be receiving a Fortnite Icon Series skin because he already received the locker bundle. However, there are others on the internet who believe that his locker bundle was a test to see how many people would buy the Fortnite Icon Series skin for SypherPK.

People online are assuming that if SypherPK does get an Icon Series skin in Fortnite, there's a chance the skin will be associated with a meme tournament. And those who rank high enough in the tournament will be awarded that skin.

The internet also acknowledged the fact that LazarBeam had done a lot for the community as a whole with respect to the content he has been creating and deserved a skin of his own in the game.

The internet once again pointed out that SypherPK had a book in Fortnite, something which no other content creator had in the game. There's a book called "How To Win" in Fortnite. This book is a tribute to SypherPK's video series on Fortnite called "How To Win" where he shows people the tips and tricks that players can use to win in Fortnite.

Jokes apart, the internet does believe that SypherPK will recceive his own Icon Series skin in Fortnite as well. It's only a matter of time before the skin is announced. The internet is equally elated about the LazarBeam skin as well. Given the contribution the individual has made to the game, the Australian content creator deserves that skin.

Published 03 Mar 2021
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