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Fortnite and Fall Guys converge as Epic Games acquires MediaTonic

Image via Reddit (r/FortNiteBR: u/nxtpyne)
Image via Reddit (r/FortNiteBR: u/nxtpyne)
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 03 Mar 2021

Epic Games scored another high-profile acquisition as the Fortnite creator acquired MediaTonic, makers of the iconic Fall Guys game, for an undisclosed amount.

Fall Guys dominated the gaming market during the pandemic's initial days but couldn't manage to hold the top spot because the game was plagued with issues.

Being acquired by Epic Games could breathe new life into the Fall Guys. Moreover, a cross-over with Fortnite feels inevitable.

Fortnite creator Epic Games buys MediaTonic, the makers of Fall Guys

In a tweet yesterday, Fortnite announced that the Fall Guys are finally part of the Epic Games family. In a statement made by Epic Games, the publisher certified that they would be investing in Fall Guys and MediaTonic. The acquisition will also be added to the metaverse.

This 'metaverse' is a fictional universe created by Epic Games in Fortnite, which contains superheroes and pop culture figures. Several iconic characters have crossed over into Fortnite. Such crossovers are part of the game's USP at the moment. Hence, there is little doubt about the transverse in this case.

Although financial information hasn't been disclosed, it can be assumed that both parties walked away happy with the deal. The Fall Guys is due for improvements, and Epic Games is always looking to branch out.


Fans of the Fall Guys have been wondering if this acquisition will make the game free-to-play like Fortnite. However, MediaTonic did not clarify the matter in the statement they released about the acquisition. This likely means that players will have to purchase the game. But the Fall Guys will remain on Steam.

MediaTonic's full statement can be found here.

In all probability, Fall Guys will now support cross-platform play. According to a Twitter user, interesting changes like the squad mode will be introduced soon.


Most people on the internet were taken by surprise when this acquisition was announced. Some people were happy about it, but the "dead game" tweets kept returning.


The internet also expressed concern about microtransactions in the Fall Guys after the Epic Games acquisition.


Either way, the future is open to interpretation and speculation. Fall Guys is still popular in the community. A creative push from Epic Games has the potential to revitalize the title and turn it into a global sensation like Fortnite.

Published 03 Mar 2021, 15:20 IST
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