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Fortnite to introduce Apex Legends-style respawn mechanic next patch

  • The patch will hit sometime next week.
Gautam Nath
Modified 06 Apr 2019, 17:59 IST

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Fortnite's latest patch, v8.20 has been a very controversial one. Dropping the 500 resource cap, giving players 50 health on elimination and other changes have not been very positively by fans. Even the new Arena mode which is meant for the Fortnite World Cup qualifications had a huge amount of respawn time.

On Friday, Epic Games has announced the introduction of the "Reboot Van". If you are playing with a squad (or even Duos) and your teammate dies, they drop a "Reboot Card". Players simply need to collect the Reboot Card and go to a Reboot Van (which is scattered across the map) and then respawn their teammates from the van. To balance things out, Reboot Vans will also have a long cooldown time before they can be used again.

It takes time to happen though. Not only that, if you are using a Reboot Van, the Van will still blaring loudly and shoot a light vertically in the sky, which will inform enemies of your location and that you are trying to respawn a teammate. But it looks like an elimination isn't the end of the game anymore and matches will last longer.

This is the second feature that Fortnite has copied from Respawn/EA's Battle Royale Apex Legends. When Apex Legends was launched in February 2019, it had the respawn mechanic through the use of a "Respawn Beacon", which were scattered across the map and traceable. Fortnite also borrowed the feature of pinging items, which Apex Legends first did on their launch as well.

The Reboot Van feature is expected to drop on patch v8.30. Hopefully, Epic will also have addressed the many issues of the earlier patch instead of staying silent about it. The patch is expected to drop on either Tuesday, 9 April or Wednesday, 10 April.

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Published 06 Apr 2019, 17:59 IST
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