Free Fire: Best places to land on the Bermuda map

Free Fire: Best places to land on Bermuda Map
Free Fire: Best places to land on Bermuda Map
Modified 27 Sep 2020

In any battle royale game, finding a sufficient amount of loot is very important. It consists of weapons, equipment, health kits, and more. Landing spots play a significant role in finding, gathering, and equipping in-game necessities. The loot is scattered unevenly across the map in Free Fire. Some locations are replete with weapons, while some are just bare lands.

Many players search for the best places to land in the game. If you're one of those players who are tired of landing at random spots and not finding enough loot, we have enlisted the top 3 locations where you can find all the in-game necessities.

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Free Fire: Best places to land in Bermuda Map

#1 Peak 

Peak in Free Fire
Peak in Free Fire

Peak is one of the hot-drop locations on the Bermuda map, as it is located around the central region. Firearms and other equipment are scattered evenly across this area. There are several houses in which the users can find a sufficient amount of loot. However, the players need to be cautious at all times, as many other players will be landing at the spot as well.

#2 Mill

Mill in Free Fire
Mill in Free Fire

Mill is quite a popular location amongst the player base, but the users must note that the loot is very concentrated and there aren't many buildings present in the area. Therefore, several enemies might be lurking around, waiting for the right opportunity to fire.

#3 Bimasaki Strip 

Bimasakti Strip in Free Fire
Bimasakti Strip in Free Fire

The Bimasakti Strip consists of several houses that contain an abundance of loot. The players can also find a vehicle that they might have to use to rotate across the map. It is also located around the center of the Bermuda map, so one will be able to see several other players dropping here.

There are several other places on the map that yield great loot as well. Users can drop onto other popular locations like Pochinok, Factory, and Clock Tower as well. 

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Published 27 Sep 2020
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