Free Fire diamond apk mod: All you need to know

Is the unlimited diamond mod legal?
Is the unlimited diamond mod legal?

Free Fire has been a hit among mobile gamers and garnered a vast player base across the world, competing with PUBG Mobile in India.The game has over 500 million downloads on the Google Play store, making it one of the most popular Battle Royale games.

The game is considered a mobile esport and has teams competing regularly within its ecosystem. Diamond is the premium in-game currency of Free Fire through which players can buy in-game items such as clothes (costumes), parachutes, crates and skins even though this doesn’t make them any better in the game.

Diamonds are expensive, and not all players can spend money to purchase diamonds. So the players try to look for an alternative, and one such choice is the unlimited diamond mod APK. Several websites offer this as a third party service, but Garena has termed this as illegal.

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What is the unlimited diamond mod in free fire?

It is a modified version of Free Fire, which gives the player unlimited diamonds. This is done by modifying the in-game data and specific backend files. This mod is illegal and can lead to the termination of accounts and a permanent ban.

Does this unlimited diamond mod work?

Some blogs and YouTube videos claim that this Free Fire mod works perfectly. However, these claims are incorrect and the mod is only visual, i.e. the diamonds appear on the screen but cannot be used to make purchases.

Since free Fire is a server-sided game, the data is stored on the server. The mod doesn’t work since the visuals are client sided, not server-sided.

Is the unlimited diamond mod legal?

The use of mod apk is an illegal way of getting diamonds and is against the terms of service of Garena free fire, which the players have accepted while creating the accounts.

Terms of Service of Garena
Terms of Service of Garena

The point (i) clearly states that the players have agreed not to decompile, reverse-engineer, disassemble or hack any services. In case of non-compliance with any terms and conditions, Garena has the right to terminate or suspend the account.

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Any such use of the mod application is not allowed and is illegal. There are various legal ways in which players can earn free diamonds. These include the use of GPT sites and apps to earn google play credits, which can be used to purchase diamonds.

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