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Free Fire: How to reach the Heroic tier quickly

Feach the Heroic tier quickly in Free Fire (Image Credits:
Reach the Heroic tier quickly in Free Fire (Image Credits:
Modified 04 Oct 2020, 16:50 IST

Free Fire features two different rank modes — one for Battle Royale and another for Clash Squad — each of which has an individual rank system that makes them quite competitive. Gamers are categorized into various tiers, usually based on their skill caps.

Many of you, as expected, look to reach the pinnacle, which is the Heroic tier. Achieving this level comes with its perks, meaning better season-end rewards and rank-up rewards. 

In this article, we provide some tips that will enable you to reach the Heroic tier easily. However, it requires continuous efforts to make it to such high levels.

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Guide to reach the Heroic tier quickly in Free Fire

#1 Timing

The timing of your rank push plays a significant role in reaching higher tiers. It is recommended that you start the push in the first week of the ranked season, since the competition would be slightly lesser earlier on during a new season.

Later, you will face fierce competition, as many players will be grinding to reach the peak, just like you are. Therefore, starting earlier will give you a minor start-up boost when compared to the other players.


#2 Playing with same teammates

Whether it is the Clash Squad mode or the Battle Royale mode, playing with the same teammates has an add-on advantage compared to playing with random players online.

It not only enhances coordination with your regular teammates in the squad, but also, playing with others who have a similar mindset of pushing their ranks makes it slightly easier to reach the Heroic tier at a quicker pace.

#3 Choosing the right character

You should always choose a character based on your playing style; if you play aggressively, a character like Jai or DJ Alok will synergize well during matches, thus quickening your rank pushing in Free Fire.

Playing with characters based on your role and playstyle can help gain more out of each game and bring out the best from your teammates. As a bonus, consistent good performances during matches helps gain more XP, which is always a help in rank pushing faster..

#4 Rush vs safe

While playing the Ranked Battle Royale mode, you must find the right balance between rushing and playing safe. You have to know when to rush at enemies and when not to.

While having more kills looks good on face value, surviving longer during matches could be a more efficient long-term plan to push rank faster. This only comes with experience, and the more you play, the better you will get at rank pushing and general gameplay in Free Fire.

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Published 04 Oct 2020, 16:49 IST
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