Free Fire K.O. Night event: All you need to know

The Ultimate Fighter event in the K.O. Night event has started
The Ultimate Fighter event in the K.O. Night event has started
Modified 18 Apr 2021

Free Fire is one of the most downloaded and most played mobile games of 2019 and 2020. Recently, the game had its OB27 update and saw many major changes. Along with the changes, Free Fire also had many new events included in the game.

The new K.O. Night event was launched on April 17th and will end on May 3rd. It offers many exciting rewards for players to win from the event.

This article explains everything that players need to know about the K.O. Night event in Free Fire.

A detailed guide about the K.O. Night event in Free Fire

The K.O. Night event hosts the sub-event 'Ultimate Fighter,' which offers players the ability to complete various in-game missions, collect tokens, and use those tokens to defeat their opponent.

After defeating the opponent, the event will drop a box containing an exclusive reward. Other than the bundle, there are other login rewards that players can obtain via this event.

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Ultimate Fighter event

During this event, players must complete daily missions to attain the K.O. Night Fighter Belt and the K.O. Night Ultimate Belt.

These tokens can be collected after the match drops. The specifics for them are as follows:

  • 2x KO Night Fighter Belt – April 17 to May 2 (Max 20 daily)
  • 2x KO Night Ultimate Belt – Only on April 24 (Max 20 daily)
  • 1x KO Night Ultimate Belt – April 25 to May 2 (Max 10 daily)
Use various belt tokens to deal maximum damage to the opponent
Use various belt tokens to deal maximum damage to the opponent

After collecting the tokens, users would have to kill the opponent by punching them with various belt tokens in the Ultimate Fighter event. When defeated, enemies will drop a box containing a random prize.

Other than the 'Ultimate Fighter reward,' players can also win the 'Fighter rewards.' Here are the rewards:

The rewards in the
The rewards in the 'Fighter Rewards' segment

Cumulative Login reward event

There is also a Cumulative Login reward event that is currently underway. The event offers many free items that players can win just by logging into the game.

The following are the set of rewards:

Cumulative Login reward event
Cumulative Login reward event

The items, along with their requirements, are the following:

  • Bounty Token Play Card (14d) – Login 1 day
  • 500x Universal Fragments – Login 3 days
  • 2x Pet Food – Login 5 days
  • Skywing Mk1 – Login 7 days

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Published 18 Apr 2021
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