Free Fire vs COD Mobile: Which game has better graphics?

Image Credits: Guru Gamer
Image Credits: Guru Gamer

There are plenty of BR mobile titles in the esports community. However, Free Fire and COD Mobile are the two most popular ones as of October 2020. Both these games share the same theme of the last man standing and offers its players a unique and thrilling gameplay experience while battling it out on the virtual ground.

Gameplay graphics support is one of the significant aspects that allures its players to the game. In this article, we put COD Mobile and Free Fire against one another and compare their in-game graphics support and frame rate experience.

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COD Mobile vs Free Fire: Which game has better in-game graphics?

Every gamer in the BR community is attracted to a game that looks the best in terms of graphics and visuals. We compare the in-game graphics of both the games and see which one is better.

Image Credits: YouTube
Image Credits: YouTube

When it comes to the in-game graphics and FPS features, COD Mobile offers a fluid and buttery smooth gameplay experience to its players after opting for the 'Max' option in the graphics quality and frame rate options.

COD Mobile usually runs on a smooth 60FPS quality with no lag at all. However, when the device heats up, the frame rate drops to a maximum of 40-50.

Image Credits: YouTube
Image Credits: YouTube

Free Fire offers its players with graphics support such as Smooth, Standard, and Ultra, which can be further classified as Brightness, High FPS, High RES, and Shadow.

Under the Ultra support, a player can choose the maximized option available and play the game between 40-55 FPS. However, when the device gets heated, the frame rate usually drops up to 25.

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In-game Comparison

ImageCredits: Reddit
ImageCredits: Reddit

Both Free Fire and COD Mobile runs pretty smoothly on mid-range smartphones, providing its players an almost smooth and lag-free gameplay experience. But, when we compare both these games frame by frame, COD Mobile has a far better and sophisticated graphics than Free Fire.

Both these games have an arcade style gameplay, but they differ in terms of graphics and visuals. COD Mobile looks more rugged and realistic, whereas Free Fire has a more cartoonish approach. Also, COD Mobile has an exceptionally vibrant, smooth, and sharp textures when compared to the in-game frames of Free Fire.

Hence, if someone is looking for a much better visually attractive BR title, COD Mobile will be their go-to game.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the individual opinion of the writer. It is totally a matter of preference on whether to qualify one game over another in terms of Graphics support.

Edited by Shaheen Banu
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