Game of Thrones: Three studios that should make a GOT role-playing game in the future

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Modified 03 May 2019
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Game of Thrones currently sits at the very edge of the pop culture in the time we live in. Undoubtedly the TV show adaption of the book has quite the fan following and as its 8th and final season is coming to an end in just a span of a month, the biggest question remains as to where this global phenomenon goes next?

George RR Martin's 6th book in the series of 'The Song of Ice and Fire' is called 'The Winds of Winter' and currently doesn't have a release date. The only other medium left that could fully realize the potential of this iconic franchise is videogames. It's not like we haven't got a Game of Thrones games in the past. In fact, Telltale's GOT game was quite a hit among the fans. Other studios such as Atlus also released a Game of Thrones RPG back in 2012, which unfortunately released to mixed reviews and failed to garnish the attention it deserves.

As of 2019, more and more people are aware of Game Of Thrones and since video games have become a mainstream entertainment platform, now is the perfect time for a GOT game. A good AAA open-world RPG that would create a new benchmark in the video game industry just like the TV series adaption of the same did a few years back and continue to do so even now.

Here are 3 studios that I believe are perfect for making a Game of Thrones game.

#1 CD Projekt RED

Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077

Alright let's face it, CD Projekt RED has snatched away the throne from other major AAA developers when it comes to making a good single player RPG with a branching narrative and diversified cast of characters. The first and foremost thing important for a GOT game are fleshed out characters that the players will remember for a very very long time.

Since CD Projekt RED are really good at that, as well as in making a mature setting and dark environment, both of which are perfectly ideal for a GOT game. Also keep in mind that CD Projekt RED has been making games based upon previously created world/universe. Hence I don't see any reason why the Polish studio wouldn't be the first choice when it comes to making an incredible GOT game.

As of now, CD Projekt RED is fully devoted in shipping out there sci-fi RPG called Cyberpunk 2077, which unfortunately still doesn't have a release window. However the devs at the studio have confirmed that they are working on another game as well. Since WB partners with HBO, and WB also became a distributive and marketing partner of CD Projekt RED's The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in North America. This is very much possible that the studio might again partner up with them to make a GOT game. Fingers crossed eh?

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Published 03 May 2019
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