Genshin Impact 1.5 live stream hints at the possible arrival of Yae Sakura from Honkai Impact

(Image via Mi)
(Image via Mi)
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Genshin Impact's 1.5 livestream may have revealed Yae Sakura from Honkai Impact, and fans of this familiar face are going crazy with the new hints of her possible arrival in Genshin Impact.

As the live stream progressed, players were introduced to a new character who was described as a "fox girl" by Zhongli. As the character made her appearance, connections were quickly drawn between this new arrival and the fan-favourite from Honkai. Here's what's known about Yae Sakura's possible inclusion in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact 1.5: Possible inclusion of Yae Sakura explained

Yae Sakura is a character from miHoYo's other popular gacha title, Honkai Impact. In this game, she oversaw the shrines in her hometown, before tragedy struck her family and she stumbled into the main plot of Honkai Impact.

Players of Genshin Impact may not be familiar with this character, as she has made no prior physical appearance, but she has been referenced in voicelines by Ayaka Kamisato. In this game, Yae is described as a high ranking shrine maiden by Ayaka, making the similarities easy to see.

With these connections in mind, it is easy to see why players assume that this newly revealed character has ties to the popular Yae Sakura, and that it may indeed be Genshin Impact's version of the character. From the fox-like appearance to the religious ceremonial robes, this new character seems to at least be inspired by the Yae Sakura of old.

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Why Yae Sakura would appear in Genshin Impact:

There have been many parallels between the Genshin Impact world and the Honkai Impact world, and as the storylines mirror each other, it would make sense for more characters from the previous story to appear in this new one. As this Twitter user points out, many of the current Archons are similar to characters who appeared in Honkai, making the chances of Yae Sakura appearing much higher.

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This character may also be a descendant of the original Yae Sakura, as she may be referred to by Zhongli as Guuji Yae. This would make sense, as the world of both Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact revolve around long intervals of time, and descendants of popular characters are sure to be found. Either way, players are definitely excited for more information about this character, and they are waiting with bated breath for more news.

Genshin Impact 1.5 has been bringing excitement like never before to the community, and with the reveal of this potential new character, players are sure to keep an eye on the game for the future.

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