Genshin Impact 2.1 leaks: New Luxurious Sea-Lord claymore details

Genshin Impact may add a new claymore, Luxurious Sea-Lord, in version 2.1 (image via ARCHONLUVR)
Genshin Impact may add a new claymore, Luxurious Sea-Lord, in version 2.1 (image via ARCHONLUVR)

The Luxurious Sea-Lord is rumored to be a 4-star claymore coming to Genshin Impact in version 2.1.

Among Genshin Impact players, the Luxurious Sea-Lord is best known for its design. This weapon happens to look like a fish, and nothing but a fish. It has fins, gills, and its leaked description even calls it “air-dried.”

Because of its design, many were initially suspicious of the leak. However, as more leakers have mentioned the Luxurious Sea-Lord, it’s become more likely that the fish claymore will become a real weapon in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact to release the “fish claymore” Luxurious Sea Lord in version 2.1

The Luxurious Sea-Lord should arrive in Genshin Impact at some point during version 2.1, which begins at the start of September.

The design of this claymore is, if nothing else, an interesting one. Understandably, many Genshin Impact players are still in disbelief at this memeworthy weapon.

While many are still unsure how they feel about this upcoming weapon, others have embraced the addition and have prepared a character to use it.

Players have planned for all sorts of characters to use the Luxurious Sea-Lord. Some intend for a support character like Sayu to use the claymore, while others have mentioned DPS characters like Diluc and Razor.

As unbelievable as it may seem, miHoYo has actually implemented meme-weapons like this one in the past. In one of their other popular games, Honkai Impact 3rd, players have already used sea creatures to bash their enemies.

Of course, leakers have done more than reveal just the funny design of the upcoming claymore. Leaks have also predicted the weapon's stats, ability, and how players will obtain the Luxurious Sea-Lord.

Luxurious Sea-Lord stats and passive ability

The Luxurious Sea-Lord will likely be a weapon with a low base attack, but with an ATK% bonus to compensate.

Leaks predict the new weapon will have a base attack of up to 455, which is almost the lowest among 4-star claymores. Its secondary stat, however, should provide an ATK% buff of 55.1% at level 90.

With its passive ability, the Luxurious Sea-Lord may increase Elemental Burst damage by 24% at max refinement. Also, when the character’s burst hits an enemy, this claymore will create an extra attack with a “titanic tuna”, dealing up to 200% ATK damage in an AoE.

How to get the Luxurious Sea-Lord in Genshin Impact

According to leaks, Genshin Impact players will get the Luxurious Sea-Lord for free by playing the upcoming event Light Caresses the Moon. This event supposedly focuses on an occasion known as the Moonchase Festival.

Light Caresses the Moon leaked event page in Genshin Impact (image via Penpen)
Light Caresses the Moon leaked event page in Genshin Impact (image via Penpen)

In this event, players may collect unique chests and event-themed oculi. Players will trade in these oculi, called Moonchase Charms, for rewards including the Luxurious Sea-Lord.

Cooking may also be an important part of the Light Caresses the Moon event. Leaked screenshots reveal an interesting cooking display, where several unique cooking pots are simultaneously active.

The characters on the leaked event page are also seen in the act of cooking. It's therefore very likely that players will need to prepare a good number of meals to progress in this event.

It's uncertain whether cooking will provide the Moonchase Charms needed for the Luxurious Sea-Lord. Regardless, players should do all they can to obtain this upcoming weapon.

Since it's an event-rewarded weapon, participating players should be able to easily bring the Luxurious Sea-Lord to max refinement. The Light Caresses the Moon event should also offer Emperor's Ester, which players can use to refine the new claymore.

Genshin Impact players only need to wait a few more weeks until version 2.1 is released. The Luxurious Sea-Lord will soon become available, and players will be able to try the first weapon with a truly out-of-the-box design.

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