Genshin Impact 2.1 leaks: Sangonomiya Kokomi's abilities, gameplay, constellations, Voice actors, and more

Kokomi will be playable in Genshin Impact 2.1 (Image via Genshin Impact)
Kokomi will be playable in Genshin Impact 2.1 (Image via Genshin Impact)
Tariq Hassan

Genshin Impact 2.1's second banner will be released soon, and Sangonomiya Kokomi, the Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island will be available to summon.

She has played a huge role in the Inazuma storyline and will likely have her own personal quest expanding on her personality. Players can learn about her abilities, gameplay, constellations and more leaks here to prepare for her release.

Genshin Impact 2.1 leaks: Kokomi information revealed

Sangonomiya Kokomi is a 5-star Hydro catalyst character who has made many appearances in Genshin Impact's storyline and will be available to summon as the second banner character during the 2.1 update.

Kokomi's banner will begin on 21 September 2021, at 6.00pm UTC+8, and will be available for three weeks. As of now, the 4-star characters that will be featured alongside Kokomi are unknown.

Kokomi's abilities

Kokomi's powerful control over water has been displayed during battles in cutscenes. Genshin Impact fans will be able to use them to destroy their foes and protect their team. Kokomi is an incredibly potent healer, as her abilities provide tons of health boosts to her party. Here are her Elemental Talents:

Elemental Skill: Kurage's Oath:

  • Kokomi summons a jellyfish known as a Bake-Kurage to heal her allies. This jellyfish will regenerate a percentage of Kokomi's maximum HP for her allies, and deal Hydro damage in AOE pulses over the duration of its summon.

Elemental Burst: Neireid's Ascension:

  • Kokomi will don her Ceremonial Garments and unleash the might of Watatsumi as she delivers powerful Hydro attacks to her enemies that scale off of her Max HP. Kokomi will heal her allies when she damages enemies in this state, and the healing is based on her Max HP. Kokomi will also be able to walk on water and resist interruption in this state.

Kokomi constellations

Kokomi has some powerful constellations that augment her gameplay and allow Genshin Impact fans to utilize her power. Here's a list of Kokomi's current constellations:

  1. At Water's Edge: During Kokomi's Elemental Burst, the final Normal Attack in her combo will release a fish that deals 30 percent of ther Max HP as Hydro DMG. This DMG is not considered Normal Attack DMG.
  2. The Clouds Like Waves Rippling: Kokomi gains the following Healing Bonuses towards characters with 50 percent or less HP. Bake-Kurage heals 4.5 percent of Kokomi's Max HP, Nereid's Ascension attacks heal for 0.6 percent of Kokomi's Max HP.
  3. The Moon, A Ship O'er the Seas: Increases the level of Kokomi's Elemental Burst by 3.
  4. The Moon Overlooks the Waters: During Kokomi's Elemental Burst, her Normal Attack SPD is increased by 10 percent and her Normal Attacks will restore 0.8 Energy on hit. This can occur every 0.2 seconds.
  5. All Streams Flow to the Sea: Increases the level of Kokomi's Elemental Skill by 3.
  6. Sango Isshin: During Kokomi's Elemental Burst, she gains a 40 percent Hydro DMG Bonus for 4 seconds after her Normal and Chaged Attacks heal a character with 80 percent or more HP.

Kokomi's Voice actors

Kokomi is voiced by several amazing talents, including Risa Mei in the English Dub, and Mimori Suzuko in the Japanese Dub. Genshin Impact has a history of hiring great voice actors, and Kokomi continues this tradition.

Genshin Impact fans may know Risa Mei from her work on Kakushigoto's Nadila or Shadows House's Rum. Mimori Suzuko is also widely known for voicing characters such as Danganronpa's Hiyoko Saionji or Love Live's Umi Sonoda.

With Kokomi releasing in only a few more days, gamers will be able to see her trailers and more.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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