Genshin Impact 2.2 leak reveals Labyrinth Warriors event details

The Labyrinth Warriors event is likely to arrive in Genshin Impact 2.2 (Image via miHoYo)
The Labyrinth Warriors event is likely to arrive in Genshin Impact 2.2 (Image via miHoYo)

Genshin Impact leakers have begun revealing content from version 2.2. Players can now learn all about the upcoming Labyrinth Warriors event.

Labyrinth Warriors will be a new event in Genshin Impact and will likely be one of several limited-time events in version 2.2. Players will undertake unique domain challenges and follow along with the event’s storyline. Along the way, some familiar characters may appear with voiced dialogue.

Labyrinth Warriors gameplay in Genshin Impact

Genshin Intel recently revealed specific details about the Labyrinth Warriors event. The event will challenge Genshin Impact players to four unique stages in a dungeon-like setting.

Labyrinth Warriors: Rogue-like dungeon challenge event with 4 stages that award 3 types of currencies:Damaged Replica: purchase Charm Magic buffs prior to the challengeBattered Shikifuda: draw random buffs/debuffs after the challenge Aged Token: for redeeming event rewards

Although leaks specifically mention Labyrinth Warriors as a solo event, players may bring two full teams into the challenge. After a stage is complete, players can switch to their other team.

The Labyrinth Warriors trials do not allow co-op.However, you can bring TWO teams to these trials and swap between them. Each character may only be in one of the two teams. Only one team can be on the field at any given time.…

Players may earn three types of currencies throughout Labyrinth Warriors. Two of them will be used to obtain event-exclusive buffs that help players complete the challenge. Players will spend Damaged Replicas on Charm Magic buffs before taking on the event challenge. After the challenge, they can spend Battered Shikifuda on random buffs and debuffs.

Genshin Impact players will also be able to select three Shikifuda before a trial, and they can activate these abilities in the trials. These Shikifuda mostly serve to improve DPS, though some heal or reduce damage taken.

Before starting a trial stage, you may select 3 Shikifuda to carry with you from a selection of 9. Shikifuda can be activated when the trial is under way.During the trial, Shikifuda selections can no longer be changed.…

Labyrinth Warriors event rewards to include Xinyan

The third event currency, Aged Tokens, will be used to purchase rewards, likely in an event shop. The rewards are mostly unknown, but players can expect some Primogems and level-up materials at the very least.

Moreover, leaks claim that Labyrinth Warriors will be another event that gives out a free 4-star character. Players who save up to 1000 Aged Tokens will be able to trade in the currency for Xinyan.

You can redeem one Xinyan using 1000 Aged Tokens.#patterns…

Genshin Impact players haven’t seen much of Xinyan since she was released in December of last year. For Xinyan fans, the wait may be coming to an end.

Leaks claim that Xinyan will have some voiced dialogue in Labyrinth Warriors. According to Project Celestia, she will join Tartaglia and the new character, Kujou Sara, in this event’s spotlight.

[2.2 Beta] - This is the event we posted about that includes Xinyan, Tartaglia and Kujou Sara (with voiced dialogue).You can also redeem a Xinyan in the event shop, much like you could Fischl/Diona/Beidou in previous versions' events.…

The new enemy in Genshin Impact to be featured in Labyrinth Warriors

Some players noticed from leaked Labyrinth Warriors images that this event would likely feature a new enemy in version 2.2.

New enemies in the Labyrinth Warriors event (Image via Dimbreath)
New enemies in the Labyrinth Warriors event (Image via Dimbreath)

Project Celestia clarifies that the Electro Riftstalker Hound and the Electro Riftstalker Whelp are likely to debut as enemies in Genshin Impact 2.2. Based on Dimbreath’s image, it seems like the Riftstalker Whelps will be involved somewhere in Labyrinth Warriors.

[2.2 Beta] - For anyone who's seen these and wonder what they are, they are the Electro Riftstalker Hound (left) and the Electro Riftstalker Whelp (right).There are also Geo variants of these, but they currently share the same icon.…

miHoYo may have slowed down leakers considerably, but version 2.2 of Genshin Impact still sees its fair share of early reveals. The upcoming patch seems promising thus far, with new events and character leaks reaching the community. Players should expect the Labyrinth Warriors event and more to be added sometime after the update on October 13.

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