Genshin Impact 2.2 leaks: Thoma's C4 constellation and abilities changed

Genshin Impact leaks show pre-release changes to Thoma's gameplay (Image via Richard Yamato)
Genshin Impact leaks show pre-release changes to Thoma's gameplay (Image via Richard Yamato)

Thoma is a Genshin Impact character who will likely be released in Version 2.2 of the game, and recent leaks show slight changes to his gameplay.

Genshin Impact leakers have long since revealed Thoma’s elemental abilities and constellations. However, the Genshin Impact team has evidently changed some of these aspects since the leaks first came out. According to new information, Thoma’s C4 ability has changed along with the damage absorption scaling of his Elemental Skill.

Genshin Impact leakers reveal changes to Thoma’s Elemental Skill and constellations

The leaks reveal changes to Thoma's burst and its energy cost. They also provide a sneak peek at Blazing Barrier's stackable damage absorption. However, the information in this article is sourced from leaks and is subject to change in the final version of the game.

Changes to Thoma’s fourth constellation

New leaks predict that Thoma’s C4 ability will restore 15 energy to Thoma upon casting his Elemental Burst.

Thoma's C4 got updated in english version I don't want to post this someone force me

Before this leak, Genshin Impact insiders believed Thoma’s C4 would restore 1 energy every time a Fiery Collapse hit an enemy. Fiery Collapses are a byproduct of Thoma’s burst, dealing AoE Pyro damage to enemies in tandem with the active character’s normal attacks. A Fiery Collapse may occur once every second during Thoma’s burst.

Since Thoma’s burst is expected to last 15 seconds, his old C4 ability would have restored a maximum of 15 energy. However, since it’s likely that players wouldn’t often trigger all 15 Fiery Collapses over the burst duration, his new C4 is a solid improvement. Instead of potentially regaining 15 energy over the course of 15 seconds, Thoma will gain 15 energy instantly when he uses his burst.

Based on the leaked information, Thoma should have a very powerful burst in Genshin Impact, functioning similar to Xingqiu’s. The ability is likely to have a high energy cost of 80, but players who bring Thoma to C4 should find it much easier to maintain burst uptime.

Thoma’s Elemental Skill in Genshin Impact

Leaks claim that Thoma’s Elemental Skill will deal AoE Pyro damage and create a stackable Blazing Barrier shield.

The Blazing Barrier’s damage absorption will scale off of Thoma’s max HP, and leakers have found the exact percentages that would be used to calculate his shield strength.

However, more recent information shows that these percentages will be lower than originally believed. To compensate, the Blazing Barriers will receive a flat number buff to their damage absorption based on talent level.

Thoma Elemental Skill:Max DMG absorption of Blazing Barrier (Lv. 1):-Old: 23.5% of Max HP-New: 19.6% of Max HP +1887Thoma C4:-Old: Fiery Collapse hits restore 1 Energy for Thoma every 0.3s.-New: Casting Crimson Ooyoroi restores 15 Energy for Thoma.

At first glance, it’s unclear whether this change to the damage absorption is a buff or a nerf. However, some simple calculations indicate that the Blazing Barrier will be stronger than originally believed.

@dimbreath Let's assume 20k hp:- old: 4700- new: 5807Now with 30k hp:- old: 7050- new: 7767This is a buff, people.

Genshin Impact may continue to modify Thoma’s features ahead of his likely release in version 2.2. Regardless, based on everything known about Thoma, most players will surely build him for HP. With an HP-focused build, Thoma might become the best 4-star shield support in Genshin Impact.

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