Genshin Impact 2.6 leaks: Ayato's face revealed by a reliable source

Ayato's appearance in Genshin Impact leaked ahead of his release (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ayato's appearance in Genshin Impact leaked ahead of his release (Image via Sportskeeda)

New leaks for Genshin Impact version 2.6 have surfaced, and Kamisato Ayato's appearance is no longer a mystery. A reliable leaker who has previously leaked drip marketing images and promotional art has now come up with an image of Ayato and Ayaka.

The leaked image appears to be legit, but it is recommended that readers take it with a grain of salt. Considering the massive hype surrounding Ayato, there's a possibility that the leak is fake.

Ayato might have white hair and wear a suit in Genshin Impact

A plethora of leaks have suggested that Ayato will be released in version 2.6. Hence, it is certainly surprising that the character's face hasn't been revealed in the storyline yet.

[Questionable]2.6 will introduce 2 new charactersAyato - 5 StarHeizou - 4 Star

The image posted by u/G4kky has been removed from the r/Genshin_Impact_Leaks subreddit, but it has already spread like wildfire on Twitter and other social media platforms.

KAMISATO AYATO AND KAMISATO AYAKA!!!Here’s the pics in better quality since the previous ones were a bit blurry!

In the allegedly leaked promotional image, it is evident that Ayato is a tall character with white hair. He wears a white suit that not only matches his hair, but also his reserved personality.

Even before the aforementioned image went viral, some leaks from Chinese website Bilibili described Ayato similarly. They also claimed that he is a five-star Hydro DPS carry who works best with units like Xiangling and Thoma.

Prominent names in the community like Zeniet have advised players not to believe any Ayato leaks. The 2.5 livestream is right around the corner, and the developers might officially reveal the character soon.

We've been getting Ayato teases overtime so getting another one isn't impossible.Take it with salt, credit to g4kky.v2.5 livestream is happening next week#原神 #GenshinImpact

As per u/G4kky, Ayato's official media release will take place on February 5, 2022.

[Unverified] Screenshot of unknown media shared by u/G4kky, who has leaked drip marketing / promotional images in the past. Mentions February 5th as date of media release.Please take with…

Everything to know about Ayato ahead of his release in Genshin Impact

It is confirmed that Ayato is Ayaka's older brother and is usually busy with his work as the Yashiro Commissioner. He doesn't like to show his face publicly, which is one of the biggest reasons players have been waiting for his face reveal for months.

Some NPCs in Genshin Impact have hinted that Ayato is great with Polearm and Sword. It might imply that he has a playstyle similar to Childe, and he might change stances with his Elemental Skill and Burst.


All in all, players might not have to wait a lot to get real Ayato leaks as the beta testing for version 2.6 will begin soon. Until then, they should stay away from fake leaks and look forward to official announcements.

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