Genshin Impact 2.6 leaks: Xiao and Ayato's signature artifacts leaked online

Artifact sets for Xiao and Ayato will be released in Genshin Impact version 2.6 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Artifact sets for Xiao and Ayato will be released in Genshin Impact version 2.6 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Xiao and Ayato will get tailormade artifact sets in Genshin Impact version 2.6. While the former is already an explosive DPS unit, the latter is an upcoming character in the 2.6 update.

Xiao's artifact set, as per genshin leaks, is majorly focused on making the most out of his Elemental Burst. The other set increases a character's Normal Attack DMG.

Here's everything players need to know about the new artifacts in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact 2.6 leaks reveal artifact sets for Xiao and Ayato

The two leaked artifact sets in Genshin Impact are:

Vermilion Hereafter

  • 2-piece: ATK +18%
  • 4-piece: After using an Elemental Burst, the character will gain a buff, increasing their ATK by 8% for 16s. When the character loses HP, their ATK will further increase by 10%. This ATK buff can occur up to once every 0.8s, max 4 stacks.

The 2-piece bonus of Vermilion Hereafter is exactly like Gladiator's Finale and Shimenawa's Reminiscence artifact sets in Genshin Impact. The ATK% bonus is desirable on Xiao as he's an on-field DPS character.

The 4-piece set, however, could be broken when used on Xiao. His Elemental Burst is the main source of his damage, and this four-piece bonus increases his ATK during the burst by 8% for 16 seconds.

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Also, Xiao loses his HP after every plunging attack during the burst. With this set, he will gain another 10% ATK buff every time he loses HP. The buff can occur once every 0.8s and can stack for a total of four times.

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The only downside to Xiao's explosive DPS burst was the HP loss, and the Vermilion Hereafter set will turn that into a strength.


Echoes of an Offering

  • 2-piece: ATK +18%
  • 4-piece: Normal Attack (NA) has a 36% chance to initate (once every 0.3s) a buff that boosts NA DMG by 60% of ATK. The buff expires 0.05s after the next Normal Attack that deals DMG. If a Normal Attack doesn't trigger the buff, the next Normal Attack will be 20% more likely to do it.

Interestingly, the Echoes of an Offering artifact set also gives an 18% ATK buff like Shimenawa's Reminiscence, Gladiator's Finale, and the aforementioned Vermilion Hereafter.

The four-piece set is based on increasing the Normal Attack damage of the character. With his Elemental Skill, Ayato cannot use Plunging and Charged Attacks and all his AoE Hydro DMG is dealt from the Normal Attacks.


Hence, this set can significantly boost the viability of Ayato's Elemental Skill in an indirect way. However, many players are still skeptical if this will be the best-in-slot set for him.

All in all, it is too early to assume the importance of the upcoming artifacts. They might be over-powered, or will be easily replacable by other flexible sets.

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