Genshin Impact 2.6 to reveal more details about a new Yaksha in The Chasm

A new Yaksha may be revealed soon (Image via Genshin Impact)
A new Yaksha may be revealed soon (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact leaks have uncovered hints about one of the powerful Yaksha in a loading screen from the newest update.The Yaksha are some of Liyue's most powerful defenders, but almost all of them have perished or are missing. Save for Xiao, players have yet to meet any of the game's Yaksha in person, but this may be changing soon.

The Chasm is a massive expansion to Liyue that looks to further the region's lore while providing players with a huge new area to complete. Here's what fans can find out about this Yaksha.

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Genshin Impact leaks: New Yaksha information leaked in the beta

Genshin leaks, Genshin spoilers //HELLO!!!??? A YAKSHA!?

Genshin Impact's loading screens share tidbits about the game's lore and provide helpful tips and tricks for players. Fans may overlook the loading screens these days, as they tend to become quite repetitive over time.

However, whenever a new area is added to the game, a new set of loading screens is added specifically for that zone. The Chasm is a huge new addition coming in update 2.6, and it is bringing new loading screen messages for players to analyze.

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// genshin leaks about loreYAKSHA??!?!?!?! ALIVE???

Fans of the game's lore will know that the powerful Yaksha were ancient warriors that helped defend Liyue, but many of them fell to the strain of battle. Only two are known to survive, Xiao and another Yaksha who lost their way and succumbed to darkness.

It seems that this Yaksha may be the one who has found their way into the Chasm, as it is said that one Yaksha slumbers eternally beneath the massive cavern.

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If this Yaksha truly does slumber under the cavern, it's likely that players will eventually be able to meet them, or at least see their sleeping form. This reveal would definitely be shocking to fans of Liyue, especially those who have been waiting for another powerful Yaksha to be shown.

Xiao's reaction to this Yaksha being located could possibly be the main questline for a future update, and players will definitely want to keep an eye out for signs of this Yaksha as they explore the Chasm.

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Genshin Impact leaks have pointed players to a very interesting piece of lore, and fans will be excited to see how it plays out in update 2.6.

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