Genshin Impact Baal (Raiden Shogun) banner preparation guide: Required Primogems, Ascension materials, and more

Baal is coming soon to Genshin Impact, and players are saving their Primogems. (image via miHoYo)
Baal is coming soon to Genshin Impact, and players are saving their Primogems. (image via miHoYo)

Baal has been one of the most anticipated playable characters in Genshin Impact, and leaks suggest she will finally debut in version 2.1.

Archons have been highly coveted characters, thus far in Genshin Impact, and evidently Baal is continuing that trend. Although the players have had their gripes with the Electro element, many are excited to summon Baal and give her Electro abilities a try.

Players have a good idea of how Baal will perform, owing to leakers. Furthermore, leaks have revealed the materials needed to build her.

How to prepare for Baal before her release in Genshin Impact

Materials needed to ascend Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact

The required materials to upgrade Raiden Shogun are:

  • Mora
  • Vajrada Amethyst
  • Tenkumo Fruit
  • Nobushi drops (handguards)
  • Storm Beads

Some of Baal’s ascension materials are unfamiliar in version 2.0 of Genshin Impact. According to leaks, a new boss called the Thunder Manifestation will drop Storm Beads in version 2.1.

Tenkumo Fruits are also rumored to be available for the upcoming version, supposedly on Seirai Island.

In total, players will need the following items to ascend the Raiden Shogun:

Level 20

  • 20,000 Mora
  • 1 Vajrada Amethyst Sliver
  • 3 Tenkumo Fruit
  • 3 Old Handguard

Level 40

  • 40,000 Mora
  • 3 Vajrada Amethyst Fragment
  • 2 Storm Beads
  • 10 Tenkumo Fruit
  • 15 Old Handguard

Level 50

  • 60,000 Mora
  • 6 Vajrada Amethyst Fragment
  • 4 Storm Beads
  • 20 Tenkumo Fruit
  • 12 Kageuchi Handguard

Level 60

  • 80,000 Mora
  • 3 Vajrada Amethyst Chunk
  • 8 Storm Beads
  • 30 Tenkumo Fruit
  • 18 Kageuchi Handguard

Level 70

  • 100,000 Mora
  • 6 Vajrada Amethyst Chunk
  • 12 Storm Beads
  • 45 Tenkumo Fruit
  • 12 Famed Handguard

Level 80

  • 120,000 Mora
  • 6 Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone
  • 20 Storm Beads
  • 60 Tenkumo Fruit
  • 24 Famed Handguard

How many Primogems are needed to summon Baal in Genshin Impact?

Baal in a Genshin Impact story cutscene (image via miHoYo)
Baal in a Genshin Impact story cutscene (image via miHoYo)

Every wish in Genshin Impact costs 160 Primogems, and a 5-star like Baal is guaranteed every 90 wishes in the character banner. However, there’s a chance players don’t get her on their first 5-star pull.

If this is the case, Baal will be guaranteed as the next 5-star if the banner is still ongoing.

Based on these numbers, Genshin Impact players need a maximum of 28,800 Primogems to summon Baal. Of course, they may only need this many Primogems if they have zero pity and lose the 50/50 on their first 5-star wish.

Players who already have their next 5-star as a guaranteed featured character would instead need 14,400 Primogems with zero pity.

Thankfully, soft pity often lowers the amount of Primogems needed to get a 5-star character like Baal. With soft pity, players may only need around 75 wishes instead of 90.

New quests and events in version 2.1 are sure to award some free Primogems to help players summon Baal. They can also save some Primogems by buying Intertwined Fates from Paimon’s Bargains.

Many players have been excited to summon Baal since she was first mentioned in Liyue. Now, if the leaks are true, then her banner is almost here.

With enough Primogems, players will soon summon the Raiden Shogun and see how she stacks up to the other 5-star characters in Genshin Impact.

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