Genshin Impact fans bewildered after spotting Noelle and Diluc in a KFC advertisement in China

Diluc and Noelle
Diluc and Noelle

Genshin Impact has partnered with KFC China to bring exclusive skins for wind gliders and limited edition Diluc-themed chicken buckets in China.

KFC's new promotional banners include Diluc and Noelle in a chef and maid outfit. The banners have gone viral in the Genshin Impact community.

Although the collab is limited to China, fans all around the world are talking about the collaboration.

Fans react to Diluc and Noelle in the Genshin Impact X KFC China collaboration

The news when viral after images of KFC & Genshin Impact's collaboration surfaced on the Twitter and Reddit communities.

Diluc can be seen in a red & black-themed chef outfit in the banner. Noelle looks like her charming self and is wearing a maid outfit. Players who buy Genshin Impact's Diluc themed KFC chicken bucket will receive a red & black-themed wind glider in the game.

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Fans are creating a lot of memes on Dilluc on Twitter and other social media websites.

Here are some of the funniest memes on Diluc and Noelle's collaboration with KFC China on Twitter:

PS4 Exclusive wind glider in Genshin Impact
PS4 Exclusive wind glider in Genshin Impact

The inclusion of a KFC-themed special edition wind glider is not the first of its kind. Genshin Impact has already introduced a special edition Wind Glider skin for its PS4 players exclusively.

Players on the PS4 platform can claim the unique and free wind glider without any conditions via the in-game mail.

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