Genshin Impact fans demand Ganyu rerun as Albedo rerun leaks surface on internet

Players have been waiting for a Ganyu rerun for a long time (Image via Genshin Impact)
Players have been waiting for a Ganyu rerun for a long time (Image via Genshin Impact)

Leaks have revealed an upcoming Albedo rerun. This has caused Genshin Impact players to express their disappointment online. Many in the community are demanding the return of the game's resident cocogoat.

Genshin Impact fans have been asking for a Ganyu rerun for a long time now, as many missed out on the incredibly powerful Cryo archer during her first appearance.

Ganyu has remained one of Genshin Impact's strongest characters ever since her release. Her insane area of effect (AOE) damage and crowd control puts her at the top of her class in 5-star damage per second (DPS) carries.

Genshin Impact: Players want a Ganyu rerun soon

Genshin Impact has a huge cast of characters to choose from, and some standout members have huge fanbases of their own, like Liyue's own half-adepti Ganyu.

Ganyu can serve many roles on a Genshin Impact team, dishing out tons of damage and blazing through the Spiral Abyss with ease. This has made her a coveted 5-star, and players have been waiting for her to receive a rerun ever since the game began bringing back past banners.

Ganyu also has a large following due to her personality, with many players finding her cute and wanting to add her to their team collection. Ganyu has featured in several of Genshin's events, most recently including the Moonchase Festival that stirred up even more hype for the frosty secretary.

Since her original banner ended, many have been waiting to get another chance at summoning her, and have tons of Primogems saved up and ready to spend.

Albedo rerun leaked

According to recent Genshin Impact 2.3 leaks, it appears that Albedo will be receiving a rerun in the upcoming update, meaning players who have been waiting for Ganyu will have to wait through another update. With both banners for the 2.3 update leaked, Ganyu's chances of appearing over the next few months seem slim.

Those who have been long awaiting Ganyu's return to Genshin Impact will need to wait for further leaks, or for an official announcement detailing the banners of the update after 2.3. It seems like the hunt for Ganyu's rerun banner will continue for now, even though that may disappoint many fans.

Genshin Impact 2.3 leaks have revealed the next upcoming rerun banner, meaning Ganyu's rerun won't be in the next few months. Fans can stay tuned here to see the latest news on Genshin Impact reruns, and find out when Ganyu will return.

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