Genshin Impact: How many Primogems are needed to unlock Klee from her leaked rerun banner?

(Image via Mihoyo)
(Image via Mihoyo)

Klee's banner will release soon in Genshin Impact as, update 1.6 has almost arrived, and players may be wondering how many Primogems they will need to summon their very own Klee.

Considering it has been around 8 months since the last time Klee was available, players who have been saving for her rerun banner will definitely have a ton of Primogems ready to wish with, but for players who have been wishing on Zhongli or Eula, the time to start saving has arrived.

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Getting Klee in Genshin Impact isn't going to be cheap

Genshin Impact's pity system will guarantee a player a 5-star character every 90 wishes, and Klee's banner will be no exception to this rule. Players who wish consistently will build pity on their banners and consequently get closer to their 5-star character.

Every time a player gets a 5-star for the first time on a banner, it has a 50% chance to be the featured character, and in this case, it would be Klee. But, if players fail to get Klee on the first try, their second attempt will always guarantee them the limited character, meaning Klee would arrive with a 100% chance.

With the 1.6 livestream approaching, players can expect the Klee banner to be live as soon as the new update launches in Genshin Impact. Players will need to save up Primogems if they plan to wish for Klee, as the days draw near.

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How pity works in Genshin Impact:

To hit soft pity, players will usually need to roll around 70 to 75 times, meaning they will need to wish about 11,200 Primogems worth of Intertwined Fates. To hit hard pity, players will need a hefty amount of Primogems, as 14400 Primogems are required to roll 90 times.

If players get lucky and hit both soft pity and win their 50/50, they will only need around 11,200 to 12,000 Primogems to get Klee, while if they get very unlucky and need to hit hard pity twice, they could be looking at a sum of 28,800 Primogems. Either way, players will definitely want to gather as many Primogems as possible to secure their Klee.


Klee remains one of the strongest characters in Genshin Impact, so players who wish for her will definitely not be disappointed. Players have several methods to get extra wishes before Klee's banner arrives, and they should take advantage of any opportunities they can.

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