Genshin Impact's Klee: The best builds and artifacts

Find out the best build for Klee. Image via Genshin Impact, YouTube
Find out the best build for Klee. Image via Genshin Impact, YouTube
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The 5-star Pyro-type Klee is still one of the most viable characters to play in Genshin Impact. She is a well-known DPS character who can deal a lot of damage in combat.

Her cute and appealing charm may deceive some players. Behind the deceiving charm is the wrecking potential Klee has in battle. Once players find the right fit of weapons and artifacts, they may become unstoppable.

With that being said, this article lists the best builds and artifacts for Klee in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Klee Best Build: Weapons and Artifacts

Klee's charged attack "Kaboom!" can be used multiple times to deal with an almost continuous barrage of Genshin Impact attacks. The best way to utilize it is to equip her with attack or CRIT rate enhancing weapons. This includes the 5-star "Skyward Atlas" for additional attack damage output and the 4-star "Solar Pearl" for CRIT rate.

Image via Syrus_xd, YouTube
Image via Syrus_xd, YouTube

Meanwhile, Klee's best artifact sets are four "Crimson Witch of Flames" or two Crimson Witch with two "Gladiator's Finale."

The first option increases the damage dealt by triggering the Melt or Vaporized elemental reactions. The second one increases Klee's overall damage output in general.

Klee tips and tricks

Klee could be paired with the 4-star Pyro character Bennett, especially with his elemental burst "Fantastic Voyage." It can deal an enormous amount of damage to one and multiple enemies at once.

Image via Gatcha Gamer, YouTube
Image via Gatcha Gamer, YouTube

Pairing her with characters such as the Cryo-types, Kaeya and Chingyun, or the Hydro-types, Mona and Tartaglia, could be a great option. It can trigger various elemental reactions such as Melt or Vaporize.

Once that happens, the total damage output Klee can inflict with their attacks may increase immediately. With the right weapons and artifact sets, it can annihilate waves of enemies instantly.

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