Genshin Impact leaker reveals new Dendro Elemental Reactions, including those with three elements

Burning is the only one that players can currently see (Image via HoYoverse)
Burning is the only one that players can currently see (Image via HoYoverse)

A notable Genshin Impact leaker has recently unveiled some new Dendro Elemental Reactions. What makes it particularly interesting is that some of them involve three elements at once. This is not a common occurrence in the game, with Shatter being an example of a rare one that does exist.

There are some missing aspects of this new leak, yet it still reveals some new information that players haven't previously seen. In this case, it showcases new names and possible reactions that could appear in the future. This article will also briefly cover some of the old leaks related to content such as Intensified and Overgrown.

New Genshin Impact leaks: Dendro Elemental reactions

A backup photo of the original Tweet (Image via genshinBLANK)
A backup photo of the original Tweet (Image via genshinBLANK)

The original tweet has since been deleted for unknown reasons. Nonetheless, the leaker does have a good track record (albeit not perfect), so it's worth checking out what this Genshin Impact leak mentioned.

It essentially lists all of the new Elemental Reactions that Travelers haven't heard about before. Specific effects for the previously unknown reactions are currently unknown.

The leaker later clarified that the unknown element is neither a new element nor Anemo or Geo. The latter part can be seen in another deleted tweet, shown in the following Reddit post.

Apparently, the unknown element could either be Cryo, Hydro, Electro, or Pyro. It's not currently known why this leak is incomplete at the moment. Still, it references several new Elemental Reactions that players weren't previously privy to in the past Genshin Impact leaks.

The only ones that players would've previously known are Burning, Intensified, and Overgrow. Burning is already in the current version of the game, while the latter two Elemental Reactions have been leaked before. Everything in these Genshin Impact leaks is subject to change to some degree.

How accurate they are remains to be seen until more updates come out.

What's currently known about these Dendro Elemental Reactions


The only Dendro Elemental Reaction currently visible in Genshin Impact is Burning. Basically, those afflicted by it take damage over time. It's a simple concept present in many video games, although Travelers should know that the damage is based on level and the user's Elemental Mastery.

It ignores the enemies' DEF stats and is also incapable of dealing CRITs. Considering there are no currently playable Dendro characters, one can only see this effect by damaging an enemy with Dendro with any Pyro attack.

The other two reactions to talk about are the ones leaked months ago: Intensified and Overgrown. Intensified gives players an Electro Particle and will boost the damage of the element that didn't trigger it (the damage formula is shown in the second Tweet).

Overgrown has been described as just dropping seeds that become mushrooms. This part could be related to the recently leaked reactions such as Spread. New Genshin Impact leaks keep arriving almost every day, so players will likely find out more about this exciting new element in the upcoming weeks.