Genshin Impact leakers answer Ayato, Itto, Yunjin, Gorou and Shenhe related leaks in latest AMA session

Gorou and Yunjin are two of Genshin's upcoming playable characters (Image via Genshin Impact/TiredCholca)
Gorou and Yunjin are two of Genshin's upcoming playable characters (Image via Genshin Impact/TiredCholca)
Tariq Hassan

Genshin Impact leakers have come together to address many of the current leaks and have shed light on tons of new characters. Fans who have been looking forward to characters like Ayato, Itto, Yunjin, Shenhe and Gorou will definitely want to find out all the new info that the leakers have revealed.

This new information also addresses some of the prior massive leaks spread by the community and will likely be the definitive source for Genshin Impact leaks for the next few updates. Players can read all of the new leaks here.

Genshin Impact leakers reveal information about Ayato, Itto, and more

[Reliable Source] Sukuna's Genshin leak sheet updated with info Sukuna provided from the Reddit AMA.

Thanks to an AMA, or an Ask Me Anything session that has just taken place on the Genshin Impact leak subreddit, fans have had tons of questions answered by the leaking community.

These answers also address the huge list of leaks that the reliable leaker Sukuna posted before they retired. The Genshin Impact community now finally has a definite list of which leaks are true and which are false.

Kamisato Ayato leaks

// genshin leaksayato leaks are fake and sukuna has said that any resemblance is coincidental :(

Ayato fans may be disappointed to hear that the prior leaks have turned out to be untrue, as all of the leaks posted by Sukuna are fake. These leaks included information about Ayato's weapon and vision, as they claimed he was a Hydro Claymore character. They even included information about his skills and abilities, along with his appearance.

Unfortunately, it seems like absolutely no information about Kamisato Ayato is currently known, and fans of his will just have to wait for future updates.

Arataki Itto leaks

/ genshin leaksAbout Arataki Itto

This new batch of leaks has revealed that Arataki Itto may be coming sooner than expected. He has more data than most unreleased characters, and the datamined information about his claymore abilities has proven to be real.

His Vision element is still unknown though, and his information is very preliminary, so it may be a while before more Itto information comes out. Still, it is likely that Arataki Itto will become a playable character in the future based on his in-game data.



Genshin Impact finally showed Yunjin in a leaked Moonchase cutscene for the first time, and now more information about this Liyue star has been revealed. She will likely have a new Vision type, though it's unknown exactly what element she now wields.

She used to be listed as a Geo Polearm, but it appears that has changed since her initial release. Players will likely learn more as Liyue's story progresses.


Gorou has become a fan-favourite in the Genshin Impact community, and many can't wait for his release. Currently, Gorou is a 4-star bow character who has the same body type as Xingqiu and Bennett.

He currently has minimal skill data in the beta, so the prior leak about his buffing ability is false. He does have a model and animations, however, so he may be releasing sooner than expected. Players will want to keep an eye out for more Gorou information in the coming updates.


#Shenhe character model with super cute emotes, She's a claymore user and her vision is cryo❄️the renders are not mine, unfortunately couldn't find the source, I will update it as soon as I find it. Enjoy♥️#genshinimpact #genshin #原神

Some Genshin Impact players have forgotten Shenhe as she hasn't received an update or more leaks ever since her original model leak early on in the game's history. Fans had been patiently waiting for more info, but it appeared that she was scrapped and replaced by Eula.

This new batch of leaks hasn't added much new information, as even the leakers are uncertain of Shenhe's future, but her model does still exist. Players may still see Shenhe at some point in Genshin Impact's upcoming updates.

This AMA session from leakers provided tons of new information and fans will definitely want to check it out for themselves.

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