Genshin Impact leaks reveal new voice lines about Shenhe and Yunjin

Fanart of Shenhe and Yunjin in Genshin Impact (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fanart of Shenhe and Yunjin in Genshin Impact (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Genshin Impact 2.2 is soon to launch, and new leaks about Yunjin and Shenhe have arrived just before the patch.

Genshin Impact leaks have been all over the place in recent weeks. MiHoYo cracked down on leakers, and reliable information has been hard to come by as a result. Nevertheless, new leaks have surfaced surrounding two characters in Genshin Impact. If leaks are true, several characters will have new voice lines about Yunjin and Shenhe in version 2.2.

Genshin Impact version 2.2 leaks: Characters may have voice lines about Shenhe and Yunjin

[2.2 RELEASE]List of new and edited characters voice-overs about Shenhe and Yun Jin.#ProjectCelestia

Project Celestia, like many leakers, has been silent for most of September and early October. However, they recently became active once again, revealing upcoming voice lines in Genshin Impact 2.2.

The leaked voice lines speak about Shenhe, who’s yet to appear in Genshin Impact, and Yunjin, a famous opera singer in Liyue. It’s believed that both of these characters will become playable in later updates, and players may now learn more about them ahead of their debuts.

Leaked voice lines about Shenhe in Genshin Impact

// genshin leaksso shenhe is quite intimidating but also extremely pretty.. im already on my knees

According to Project Celestia, Shenhe will be mentioned in voice lines by Xingqiu, Ganyu, and Hu Tao. Ninguang, Xiao, and Chongyun may also speak about Shenhe, though their exact dialog is yet to be leaked.

The leaked Ganyu voice line depicts Shenhe as someone with a rather short temper. Evidently, Cloud Retainer has told Ganyu about Shenhe, saying that she’s prone to violence when triggered. Xinqiu also seems intimidated by Shenhe, believing he’s upset her in some way and drawn her fierce glares by consequence.

Meanwhile, Hu Tao’s leaked voice line paints a different picture of Shenhe. Hu Tao describes her as a unique individual, with a “pure and pristine” appearance.

[UNVERIFIED] Shenhe info + upscaled images:[Reliable] Uncle TZ, line 3: "Shenhe's pixelated pic looks pretty real, (reminds me of 桃 [hutao] sus rumors) but I don't have friends at [mhy], so I can't see. (the character model)"TL courtesy of Zhongleaks.

Leaks suggest Shenhe will be a Cryo polearm character and likely a 5-star. With references to Shenhe just arriving in version 2.2, fans may have to wait a while before they get a chance to summon her.

Leaked voice lines about Shenhe in Genshin Impact

shenhe or yunjin soon pls genshin

In Genshin Impact, Xingqiu, Keqing, and Xinyan already have some dialog about Yunjin. If leaks are true, Hu Tao and Ninguang will soon have something to say about her as well.

Most current and leaked voice lines about Yunjin appreciate her musical abilities. Clearly, this character is quite the star in Liyue Harbor. Regardless, the leaked voice lines from Hu Tao and Ninguang add even more details about the opera singer.

Xingqiu speaks about Yunjin (Image via Genshin Impact)
Xingqiu speaks about Yunjin (Image via Genshin Impact)

Ninguang’s leaked dialog explains that she invested in Yunjin to support the art form and have it passed down through generations. Meanwhile, Hu Tao describes Yunjin as a friendly person off-stage. What’s perhaps more interesting, however, is that Hu Tao mentions Yunjin singing an opera take on a Hilichurl song.


Leakers have hinted at Yunjin for quite a while now. She was originally predicted to have a Geo Vision, but her recent appearance in a Moonchase Festival cut-scene suggests otherwise. It’s now more likely that Yunjin will be an Anemo polearm user in Genshin Impact.

No matter her Vision, fans can only hope to hear her perform a Hilichurl song the next time she’s in a cut-scene.

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