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Genshin Impact: New creature "Yandola" leaked ahead of V1.4

Genshin Impact: New creature- Yandola
Genshin Impact: New creature- Yandola
Modified 14 Feb 2021

Genshin Impact is planning to introduce another Seelie-like companion to the game with the upcoming 1.4 update.

The leaked companion is rumored to be called "Yandola" and is said to share a resemblance to one of the current boss enemies, Oceanid. Yandola will be obtainable by completing the upcoming Oceanid challenge in V1.4 according to the leaks.

Leaks about new companion creature "Yandola" in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has already introduced three Seelies as companions, available in three different colors. However, this companion creature will be different from the older ones. Yandola will have the proper shape of a creature, rather than a just a generic sphere.

According to the rumors, it can speak and interact with the traveler in the game too. Players will need to follow in-game hints to find Pure Water Hearts. These Pure Water Hearts can be used as passes to fight the newer version of Oceanid to win Primogems and other rewards.

The above leak hints that Yandola will be available to collect from a quest reward, along with 60 Primogems and 30000 Mora.

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Unlike the Seelies currently available, the rumored creature Eudora / Yandola (different names from different translation sources), is most likely to play an effective role in the battlefield.

Upon summoning the companion, players will have their elemental skill replaced by a new one called "Bubble Spit." Using this skill, players can defeat open-world water creatures like Oceanid to collect rewards.

The above mentioned Oceanid challenge will reward players with character level-up resources, Adventure Exp, Companion Exp and probably Yandola too, through a relevant quest. During the challenge event, the newer Oceanid will use different attacks and put up a tougher fight.

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Published 14 Feb 2021, 00:12 IST
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