Genshin Impact players are clueless about the use of Moonchase charms

Genshin Impact players don't understand the purpose of their Moonchase Charms (Image via Sportskeeda)
Genshin Impact players don't understand the purpose of their Moonchase Charms (Image via Sportskeeda)
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The Moonlight Merriment event ends in under a week, but Genshin Impact players are still wondering why their inventories are full of Moonchase Charms.

In Genshin Impact, players have spent the past week and a half collecting Moonchase Charms and Mystmoon Chests. By finding these items, players have fulfilled the Moonlight Seeker event and earned free Primogems in the process. However, for some reason, the Moonchase Charms are accumulating in gamers’ inventories, and no one knows exactly what they will do with them.

Genshin Impact fans wonder what they will do with their Moonchase Charms

Moonchase Charms expiring in the inventory (Image via Genshin Impact)
Moonchase Charms expiring in the inventory (Image via Genshin Impact)

Genshin Impact players have collected as many as 70 Moonchase Charms in the Moonlight Seeker event. When collected, these items are added to the in-game inventory. The Genshin Impact team hasn't explained why the Moonchase Charms sit in players' bags, and there's no telling what will become of them.

Especially now that the Moonchase Charms are soon to expire, players are curious and confused about why they were ever in their inventories. Some gamers believe they will simply expire without purpose. On the other hand, some are still clinging to the hope that they will trade their Moonchase Charms for some reward.

What is the use of moonchase charms
so uhm do the moonchase charms have no use at all? 😢😢
And the use of moonchase charms are ...?
total of 70 moonchase charms but what is the use of it? speculating it could be used for redeeming rewards or a 5 star character surprise?
Maybe the reason we cant use Moonchase Charms yet is because the event shop has a surprise reward… purchasable 5 star?
what if the moonchase charms are currency we use to get one character involved in the moonchase event
i still don't get the point of asking us to collect 70 moonchase charms and not have any exchange shop or something... hopefully there'll be a surprise 😭😭
wait huh? a crown ??? then what are the moonchase charms for 🧍‍♀️ HOPIUM GOING 📈📈📈
moonchase charms resulting in doing absolutely nothing is the most disappointing thing this event had to offer imo
I personally hope the Moonchase Charms magically turn into wishes so I can go after Childe’s new weapon 🥺

As some players have noticed, Genshin Impact changed the description for Moonchase Charms. The in-game description once said that these charms could be exchanged for rewards during the Moonchase Festival. However, that clause has since been removed.

mihoyo really changed the description of the moonchase charms.guess no exchange store then

Naturally, many players now suspect that these charms will have no further use in the Moonchase Festival. The Moonchase Charm’s old description implied that there would be an event shop, and it may be rather telling that the description has changed.

However, there is still some hope that the Moonchase Charms will be worth something by the end of the event. Linyang, the NPC who’s helped locate charms and chests, explicitly said that the Traveler could redeem rewards with Moonchase Charms.

It's still possible that a big surprise awaits Genshin Impact players who've collected their 70 Moonchase Charms. Hopes for a free 5-star character may be a little extreme, considering Aloy has been the only free 5-star over the past year. Regardless, the Genshin Impact community can't be blamed for wanting the rewards that they were initially promised.

At the time of this writing, the Moonchase Charms have just four days before they expire. Players will simply have to wait until then to know for sure whether they can exchange the charms for in-game rewards or not.

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