Genshin Impact reveals 4 new weapons: The Catch, Engulfing Lightning, Luxurious Sea-lord and Predator

Genshin Impact revealed four new weapons (Image via Sportskeeda)
Genshin Impact revealed four new weapons (Image via Sportskeeda)

Genshin Impact's 2.1 update is a few days away and miHoYo has just revealed four new weapons, adding to the anticipation of the players.

The four new weapons include two polearms, a claymore and a bow. The two polearms seem to be tailored for Baal with Energy Recharge substat, and players can get one of them for free. The new Predator bow is a PlayStation exclusive and highly favors the upcoming free 5-star Genshin character Aloy. But among them, the new claymore is what is gaining the attention of all players. It is named Luxurious Sea-Lord and is a literal adaptation of a fish as a weapon.

Genshin Impact reveals four new weapons for the 2.1 update

1) Engulfing Lightning

Base ATK: 608

Secondary Stat: +55.1% Energy Recharge

Engulfing Lightning (Image via Honey Impact)
Engulfing Lightning (Image via Honey Impact)

As of now, Engulfing Lightning is the only 5-star polearm in Genshin Impact with the highest Energy Recharge substat. At refinement rank 1, its passive ability increases attack by 28% of the character's Energy Recharge. After the Elemental Burst is activated, the character will also get a 30% boost in Energy Recharge.

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Engulfing Lightning is a perfect choice for characters like Baal and Xiangling, who depend heavily on Energy Recharge and Burst damage.

2) Luxurious Sea-Lord

Base ATK: 454

Secondary Stat: +55.1% ATK

miHoYo surely had a fun time while designing the Luxurious Sea-Lord. The 4-star claymore is the first of its kind in Genshin Impact that everyone would like to use. Players can get this weapon for free along with the refinement materials from a certain event in the 2.1 update.

Luxurious Sea-Lord (Image via Honey Impact)
Luxurious Sea-Lord (Image via Honey Impact)

However, the fish claymore is not only about the looks, it provides 24% Burst damage bonus at refinement rank 5, and deals 200% additional AoE damage after activating Burst. This makes the Luxurious Sea-Lord a suitable weapon for every claymore user in Genshin Impact.

3) The Catch

Base ATK: 510

Secondary Stat: +45.9% Energy Recharge

The Catch (Image via Honey Impact)
The Catch (Image via Honey Impact)

The Catch has been getting a lot of attention in Genshin Impact recently due to its overwhelming stats and free availability. Players can get this 4-star polearm up to refinement rank 5 for free in one of the upcoming events in the 2.1 update. At refinement rank 5, its passive ability increases Burst damage by 32% and boosts Burst Crit Rate by 12%.

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The Catch can be termed as the 4-star version of Engulfing Lightning as both of them have similar substat and passive ability favoring Elemental Burst damage.

4) Predator

Base ATK: 510

Secondary Stat: +41.3% ATK

Predator is a 4-star bow that will be given away for free in the 2.1 update of Genshin Impact. Players can simply log in to the game on PlayStation and claim the bow for free, provided they are at least Adventure Rank 20.

Predator (Image via Honey Impact)
Predator (Image via Honey Impact)

The passive ability of Predator increases normal and charged attack by 10% after dealing Cryo damage to opponents. Furthermore, if Aloy uses this bow, her attack is additionally increased by 66. Cryo bow users like Aloy and Ganyu can take great advantage of this weapon.

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