Rosaria in Genshin Impact: Elemental skill, burst, and talents revealed

Rosaria in Genshin Impact: Elemental skill, burst, and talents revealed
Rosaria in Genshin Impact: Elemental skill, burst, and talents revealed
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Genshin Impact's upcoming 4-star character Rosaria has already been teased in the previous storyline. There are no leaks about Rosaria's introduction in the game as a playable character within the next few weeks. However, the character stats have been data-mined from different sources by the leakers.

Genshin Impact Rosaria: Elemental skill, burst, and talents

Rosaria is a polearm-wielding 4-Star character who deals Cryo elemental damage in Genshin Impact. She will be known as a nun of the Church of Favonious. Rosaria will have a maximum base ATK of 240 and an ascension stat of 24% ATK bonus at level 90.

Normal Attack: Education Spear

She performs up to five consecutive strikes with her polearm, dealing with increasing physical damage with each strike. Her charged attack will cost 25 stamina to perform a forward rush, dealing damage to opponents on her path.

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Elemental Skill: Confession

Rosaria quickly moves behind the enemy, piercing and slashing with a spear, causing Cryo elemental damage. However, she can not move behind structurally larger enemies using rapid movements. The skill has a cooldown of seven seconds.

Elemental Burst: Sacrament of Life

This is known as Rosaria's prayer ceremony. After swiping her polearm to sweep the surrounding enemies, the cryo spears condensed from extreme cold will hit the ground, causing Cryo damage. During the elemental burst, the Cryo spears will release chills at a certain interval, causing elemental damage and applying Cryo status on the enemy. Rosaria's elemental burst will last for eight seconds, with a cooldown of 15 seconds in Genshin Impact.

Passive Talents

  • Night Walk: At night time (18:00 to 6:00), all the party characters will gain a 10% movement speed. This effect will be ineffective in Domains and Spiral abyss.
  • Listen to the Shadow of confession: While using the elemental skill of moving behind an enemy, Rosaria will get an additional 12% CRIT RATE for 5s.
  • Darkness supported by secret: Casting the elemental burst "Sacrament of Life" will increase the CRIT RATE of all the party members (excluding Rosaria) by 15% of Rosaria's Maximum CRIT RATE. The bonus amount can not exceed 15%.

Rosaria can gain additional CRIT RATE and provide the same to her party members, making her an all-rounder character. According to the build, the character will probably be able to play a Main DPS and Support DPS role.

It remains to be seen how Rosaria changes the gameplay meta of Genshin Impact with her unique talents.

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