Ghost of Tsushima: How to get Tadayori's armor

Tadayori's armor is obtained as reward for completing the first Mythical Tale in Ghost of Tsushima (Image via Nixxes Software)

The combat system in Ghost of Tsushima is mostly geared toward melee, with your katana sword being the primary means of dealing damage. However, there are plenty of options for those who prefer ranged combat. While the ranged combat options aren't effective against bosses, it still is a potent way of dealing with mod enemies in the game.

There's even a specific armor set that grants perks oriented toward making ranged combat more effective. The Tadayori's armor set, which is obtained as a reward for completing one of the earliest Mythical Tales, is easily your best option if you want to craft a ranged build.

Here's everything you need to know about Tadayori's armor in Ghost of Tsushima, including how to obtain it, its perks, and more.

How to obtain Tadayori's armor in Ghost of Tsushima

The legendary Tadayori's armor is obtained after completing Mythical Tale - The Legend of Tadayori.

Mythical Tales in Ghost of Tsushima are special side quests that you unlock by talking to Yamato, a storyteller who can be found in various regions across the Tsushima island as you progress through the game.

The Legend of Tadayori (Image via Nixxes Software)
The Legend of Tadayori (Image via Nixxes Software)

During Act 1, you will only get access to the one and only Mythical Tale - The Legend of Tadayori, which can be completed fairly early.

Unlike the Mythical Tale involving Gosaku's armor, The Legend of Tadayori is a fairly linear and brief quest, requiring you to locate Tadayori's rest in Azamo.

Upon reaching Tadayori's rest, you will be given a map to locate his armor's location. The map shows a hidden shrine, which can be identified by the presence of violet flowers within its surroundings. You must essentially head north from where you get the map to reach the shrine.

Once you're at the shrine, you'll find Yamato guarding the armor set. After talking to Yamato, you'll immediately be thrust into a combat section against hordes of Mongols. Once you defeat all three waves of enemies, the quest will conclude, rewarding you with the armor set.

Tadayori's armor set (Image via Nixxes Software)
Tadayori's armor set (Image via Nixxes Software)

Tadayori's armor set in Ghost of Tsushima is all about making ranged options available at Jin's disposal more viable in combat. Its primary perk is the boost gained to the base concentration stat, which allows you to activate "bullet time" while aiming a ranged weapon (Bow or the Blowdart).

Tadayori's armor set also increases the nocking and reloading speed for Bow, which allows you to fire multiple arrows in quick succession.

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