"The lights are back on": GMHikaru announces that his Twitch ban has been lifted one day early

GMHikaru announces his ban from Twitch was lifted a day early (Image via Sportskeeda)
GMHikaru announces his ban from Twitch was lifted a day early (Image via Sportskeeda)

GMHikaru announced that his Twitch ban for watching Dr DisRespect was lifted a day earlier, further saying he'd be returning to stream the next day.

Hikaru "GMHikaru" Nakamura is one of the top chess players in the world and is recognized as a Grand Master. Besides using his chess skills to win tournaments, he has also been using them for his successful career on Twitch. He was one of the main streamers that pushed the 'chess meta' on Twitch, which led to an official tournament held by the platform that featured its biggest streamers going head-to-head in chess matches.

GMHikaru's career on Twitch has been one without controversy or issues, but this changed a few days ago when the streamer was temporarily banned from the site. The reason was unconfirmed for a few hours, but Hikaru took to Twitter to confirm what his fans were speculating, that his ban was for watching Dr DisRespect on stream.

The Doc tweeted that things are settled with twitch... guess he was wrong. See everyone in 3 days.

GMHikaru banned for watching Dr DisRespect, but why?

While watching other streamers on Twitch isn't against their rules, Dr DisRespect was banned from the platform a few years ago, which would violate Twitch's rules for featuring a banned streamer.

While Hikaru and many other fans thought that Dr DisRespect's announcement on Twitter concerning the end of the legal battle with Twitch meant he would be able to appear on the site again, it seems they were wrong since doing so got Hikaru banned.

While he claimed the ban would last three days, it seems like Twitch was feeling generous and lifted the ban a day earlier. This was announced by Hikaru on Twitter, stating that he'll be able to get back to streaming the next day.

The lights are back on at! Streams resume tomorrow with @benjamin_bok and @photochess

With this announcement, some fans reacted by welcoming back their favorite streamer, with some excited for his upcoming matches tomorrow.

@GMHikaru @benjamin_bok @photochess Hope this will make you feel better and go all-out against Lev! Let's get that Dub, flower power
@GMHikaru @benjamin_bok @photochess Let's get that W tomorrow, Hikki! Full concentration mode.
@GMHikaru @benjamin_bok @photochess I am so happy your stream is back up And I really enjoy watching you play classical chess

With fans celebrating the return of GMHikaru's streams, the streamer may just be able to hone that support and turn it into motivation to play at his best for his upcoming matches.

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