Gnome locations in Fortnite Season 5: Where to find gnomes in Pleasant Park and other locations

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 01 Jan 2021

This week's weekly challenge in Fortnite has players digging up gnomes in exchange for XP. These weekly challenges offer a nice chunk of XP for players who complete the challenges.

Moreover, what makes these challenges worth the XP is that these challenges are easy to complete.

Where to find gnomes in Pleasant Park and other locations in Fortnite

To complete this challenge, players need to dig up four gnomes in Fortnite. These gnomes can be found in two locations: Pleasant Park and Fort Crumpet. Although Fort Crumpet is slightly difficult to spot, the same can't be said for Pleasant Park in Fortnite. 

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

The buried gnomes aren't that difficult to spot because they appear as blue glowing mounds in the ground. All that the players are required to do is interact with these mounds using their harvesting tool. The gnomes will then pop out.

Fort Crumpet is located towards the northwest of Sweaty Sands. The gnomes can be found on the ground floor of the fort. They're pretty easy to spot.

Once done with the gnomes at Fort Crumpet, players need to move back to Pleasant Park in Fortnite. One gnome can be found right in the middle of Pleasant Park.

The other one can be found hidden in the yard of a house. This is from the west of where the first gnome was found in Pleasant Park in Fortnite.

Digging up all these gnomes will complete the challenge. This is one of the simpler challenges that players will encounter in Fortnite.

One challenge has players dealing damage while emerging out of the sand. This challenge is purely based on luck because players won't have other enemies around all the time when they emerge out of the sand.

Given that there's an entire week, players should take their time to finish this challenge in Fortnite. Fornite has got a cult-like obsession with gnomes and this is another example of the same.

Published 01 Jan 2021
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