God Of War 4 Free PS4 Theme hints a sequel under development "Ragnarok Is Coming" 

God Of War 4
God Of War 4
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God of War 4 is going to be one year old on April 20, 2019. In order to celebrate the first anniversary of 2018's game of the year title, "God Of War 4". Santa Monica studio is giving away some free stuff like a brand new God of War PlayStation 4 theme featuring Kratos and Atreus in the Lake of Nine which can be redeemed right now and an anniversary avatar set. Sony also revealed a new God Of War trailer titled, "One Year Later" which celebrates the game's upcoming 1st Anniversary.


Now back to the topic, God Of War 4 new PlayStation theme had an easter egg in the form of runes which can be found inscribed in the boat in which Kratos and Artreus are standing. The inscribed rune says," Ragnarok Is Coming" which is none other than a big hint towards a sequel of God Of War 4.

According to TwistedVoxel, God Of War’s free PS4 theme shows Kratos and Arteus in their boat. On the boat is runes which translate to “Ragnarok is coming”.

In Norse Mythology the term "Ragnarok" refers to a series of events foretold to lead the death of the Norse gods like Odin and Thor along with natural disasters destroying the current world to give birth to a new one. In the conclusion of God Of War 4, we saw Thor and Odin's arrival which also proves that there is a sequel to the game and with the new tease we can assume that the sequel of God Of War 4 is under development. further, you pay attention to the recent job listings of Santa Monica Studios you can say that they are developing a big title which requires new talents. All of the hints direct to a conclusion that we will be getting a sequel of God Of War 4 in the near future.

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