GTA 5: Cheat Codes, Hacks and Secrets

The infamous Mount Grodo Ghost in GTA 5 (picture credits:
The infamous Mount Grodo Ghost in GTA 5 (picture credits:

For a game that came out nearly 7 years ago, Rockstar Games claims that there are still secrets all over the map that fans haven't found yet. GTA 5 was perhaps Rockstar's most ambitious title ever, given its scope of the map, lore and detail involved.

Rockstar's attention to detail is second to none and they have been known to fill their large, expansive maps to the brim with Secrets and Easter Eggs for eagle-eyed players to discover.

With 2018's Red Dead Redemption 2 also rich with details, Rockstar have continued the trend of giving the fans replay value and incentive to discover their maps. Here we look at some of the coolest secrets in Rockstar's magnum opus, GTA 5.

The Mount Grodo Ghost, Jolene Cranely-Evan in GTA 5

The ghost of Jolene in GTA 5
The ghost of Jolene in GTA 5

This is one of, if not the most bone chilling of all secrets in the game. It is a secret connected to Jolene Cranely-Evan, who in the game, was murdered by her husband Jock Cranely, by being pushed off the cliff on Mount Grodo.

The ghost of Jolene appears on this specific cliff on Mount Grodo, from 11 PM to Midnight with the name "Jock" written in blood as she hovers over it. The ghost disappears as the player approaches but can be spotted from a distance.

(picture credits:

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Peyote Plants

(picture credits: realsport101)
(picture credits: realsport101)

Who's never thought of what it is like to be a mountain lion, or a hawk or maybe a great white shark? Well, GTA 5 certainly lets you become all of those and then some. GTA 5 is one of the wackiest games to ever come out.

Keeping up with tradition, GTA 5 has Peyote Plants all over the map that once you find and eat, you will be able to turn into any one of these animals:

  • Hawk
  • Poodle
  • Great White Shark
  • Mountain Lion
  • Pig
  • Orca Whale
  • Rabbit, etc.


UFO in Fort Zancudo
UFO in Fort Zancudo

UFOs and Aliens have always been a huge part of GTA's easter eggs and secret locations, and GTA 5 is no different.

There are a total number of 3 UFOs that seemingly appear randomly in the game. However, they appear only once the player has 100% Completed the game. But, one UFO shows up on the North Side of Los Santos early in the game. Note, that you must be playing as Michael to find that particular UFO. The other UFOs appear in Fort Zancudo and Sandy Shores.

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Cheat Codes in GTA 5

GTA Games have been known to have a large number of cheat codes, and in the modern day, cheat codes have disappeared. But GTA 5 is one of the last few games to maintain the cheat code tradition. To use cheat codes on PC, simply press the "console" key: "~". Then write any of these following cheats:

  • hothands - Explosive Melee Attack.
  • skydive - Give Parachute.
  • floater - Moon Gravity.
  • liquor - Drunk Mode.
  • powerup - Recharge Ability.
  • slowmo - Slow Motion (enter 3 times for full effect).
  • skyfall - Skyfall (launches you into the sky).
  • bandit - Spawn BMX.
  • comet - Comet.
  • rocket - PCJ-600 Motorcycle.
  • offroad - Sanchez Dirt Bike.
  • rapidgt - Rapid GT.
  • vinewood - Limo.
  • trashed - Trashmaster.
  • buzzoff - Buzzard Attack Helicopter.
  • barnstorm - Stunt Plane.
  • deadeye - Slow Motion Aiming (enter 3 times for full effect).
  • painkiller - Invincibility.
  • slowmo - Slow Down Gameplay.
  • turtle - Max Health & Armor.
  • catchme - Fast Run.
  • fugitive - Raise Wanted Level.
  • makeitrain - Change Weather.
  • snowday - Slippery Cars Drifting.
  • lawyerup - Lower wanted level
  • fugitive - Raise wanted level
  • highex - Explosive bullets
  • incendiary - Flaming bullets
  • jrtalent - Director mode
  • hoptoit - Super jump
  • toolup - Give weapons and extra ammo
  • gotgills - Faster swim

(source: cheatbook. de)

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