Halo Infinite battle pass and weekly challenge progression guide

EHalo Infinite Weekly Challenge Reset time (Image by Halo Infinite)
EHalo Infinite Weekly Challenge Reset time (Image by Halo Infinite)
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Halo Infinite has quickly risen to become one of the most played games of 2021 within weeks of its release. Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer balances fast-paced physics-based multiplayer with cosmetic-only fair monetization and fun gameplay to make it one of the most approachable titles.

Halo Infinite implements a battle pass system similar to most modern multiplayer titles. However, unlike other games, Halo Infinite’s take a pro-consumer approach, making the battle pass non-expirable, giving plates as much time as required to complete it and gain all the cosmetics.

The battle pass progression is tied to the daily and weekly challenges that players have to complete to progress in the pass and unlock the rewards.


How to complete Halo Infinite Battle Pass fast

Halo Infinite was panned at launch to keep the battle pass progression entirely tied to challenges often tied to a specific game mode or weapon. This meant that even if a player performed exceptionally well in a multiplayer match, he doesn’t make any progression unless he completes a challenge, essentially making the multiplayer performance moot.

However, Halo Infinite has implemented a per-match XP, including massive XP for the first six matches. This means that players can progress fast in the battle pass by playing the game.

New playlists and Challenge changes are now live in #HaloInfinite. If you're currently playing, close and relaunch Halo Infinite to see the changes. More information in the December 14 update section of our release notes.…

Completing the weekly battle pass also rewards players with new cosmetics. Players can jump right into the progression tab to check out the challenges and what exactly they need to do to progress.

When does Halo Infinite weekly challenge reset every week?

Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges gives players good XP for the battle pass. Players can easily progress fast in the battle pass by completing the challenges, as satisfying the weekly challenges grants players a cosmetic item, generally of Rare or Legendary rarity.

Keep your aim true, like Noble Team would want you to. Complete this week's challenges in #HaloInfinite to unlock the Sacrifice weapon emblem Ultimate Reward!

The weekly challenges reset every Tuesday at the following times:

  • Pacific Standard Time: 9:00 AM PST
  • Central Standard Time: 11:00 AM CST
  • Eastern Standard Time: noon EST
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 5:00 PM GMT
  • Central European Time: 6:00 PM CET
  • Indian Standard Time: 10:30 PM IST
  • Japan Standard Time: 2:00 AM JST (Wednesday)

The Halo Infinite Multiplayer is free-to-play, and players can jump into it right away on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam and Xbox Application.

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