Hayato vs Moco: Who is the better Free Fire character?

Image via UHD Wallpapers
Image via UHD Wallpapers
Modified 26 Nov 2020

Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale titles on mobile platforms. Currently, it boasts 500 million-plus downloads on the Google Play Store, amassing fans worldwide. The game offers an array of characters that have special abilities.

However, Adam and Eve are the two default characters available to a player at the beginning of the game and have no special ability. As the XP level of the player progresses, they can gradually unlock the other characters with abilities.

Moco and Hayato are great character choices when it comes to aggressive and passive playing styles. This article analyzes and compares these two characters to determine who is the better character to use in Free Fire.

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Assessing the abilities of Moco and Hayato in Free Fire


Hayato in Free Fire
Hayato in Free Fire

Hayato in Free Fire, as his character description states, is a legendary samurai who has a passive ability called Bushido.

After equipping the character, the player's armor penetration increases by 7.5% with every 10% decrease in maximum HP. Once leveled up to six, the armor penetration increases by 10% with every 10% decrease in maximum HP.

Hayato also has an upgraded version of himself, which has an active ability called the Art of Blades. This ability reduces the frontal damage by 20% for three seconds, CD of 50 seconds.


Moco in Free Fire
Moco in Free Fire

Moco, as her character description reads, is an outstanding hacker and has a passive ability called the Hacker's Eye. In her initial level 1 ability, she can tag enemies shot for two seconds, and all the information will then be immediately shared with teammates.

In her maximum level, i.e., at level six, she can tag enemies for five seconds with the information being shared with teammates.

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Moco vs Hayato: Who is the better character to play with?

Both Moco and Hayato are powerful characters and are special in their unique ways of assisting the player.

Moco has a very impressive and wonderful quality of tagging enemies and sharing the information with teammates, which surely provides a greater perspective for enemies' location. With her ability, Hacker's Eye, Moco is successful in breaking into the location status of the enemies, which is very advantageous in certain situations.

However, when looked closely, Hayato is also very beneficial, and his ability comes to play in reducing the damage while confronting an enemy in a gunfight.

Choosing a character in Free Fire is subjective, and as both of them are available in Free Fire, they are in equal terms of their power. Moco's ability to reveal enemy locations and Hayato's ability to reduce frontal damage is very nifty and viable in specific circumstances during a game.

Published 26 Nov 2020
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