"He tweeted my whole address": Valkyrae reveals ordeal with delusional stalker

Valkyrae had a harrowing time dealing with the stalker (Image via Valkyrae, YouTube)
Valkyrae had a harrowing time dealing with the stalker (Image via Valkyrae, YouTube)

Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter revealed what really happened with her stalker after she privated her Twitter account earlier in January, and it appears to have a silver lining.

When the streamer initially privated her account, she explained why she did so, but not what happened to the stalker. Making her account private only allows current followers to see her tweets, but any new accounts she doesn't accept are out of luck.

Valkyrae initially said this about the situation:

"Unfortunately have to keep my account private until this delusional stalker dies. He's made hundreds of accounts for months. I would love if Twitter had blocking options where the user can't interact with an account that has blocked another account from the same device or something."

It wasn't long before Valkyrae made her Twitter account public, but not much was said about the incident until she talked about it on stream. As it turns out, she may have had her wish of an IP ban fulfilled on the stalker.

Valkyrae reveals ordeal with delusional stalker and the outcome


According to Valkyrae, on the day she privated her Twitter, she received more hateful comments from a typical stalker than usual. She usually ignores them, but with the volume of messages, blocking became a better idea.

"We spent about three hours going back and forth. He would make a new account, say some dumb s**t, and I would block him. He would make a new account, say the same stuff, and I would block him. We spent hours, and I was like maybe he'll get bored."

Well, it appeared that the stalker never really got bored of repeatedly making new accounts and harassing Valkyrae. However, it boiled over to a point where the stalker claimed he/she would leak her address if she blocked him one more time on Twitter, and she did. The stalker then tweeted out what her address was, and Valkyrae put her account on private.

Soon after, 100 Thieves reached out to Valkyrae to help her. The esports organization, which she is part of, has connections at Twitter. With the help of 100 Thieves, Twitter reached out to Valkyrae and asked for screenshots of the stalker on Twitter.

Valkyrae said that they "took care of it," and she hasn't heard anything from the stalker beyond that day. Whether it was Twitter or the FBI, Valkyrae's stalker seems to be gone for good.

Edited by Ravi Iyer
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