Hideouts in Fortnite: What are they and where to find them

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games

From sand tunneling to hideouts in Fortnite, the game does have a lot to offer for players who prefer a stealthy way of moving around the map and ambushing opponents.

Hideouts in Fortnite were added to the map as early as Chapter 2 Season 1, and they have undergone a process of vaulting and unvaulting over the past few months. However, players barely used the hideouts because there were many people who didn't know about them at all.

What are hideouts in Fortnite and where can they be found in the game?


In a nutshell, hideouts in Fortnite are inconspicuous places that allow players to hide in them without being spotted by enemy players on the map. These hideouts can be anything, from phone booths to dumpsters to even hay bales.

Hideouts in Fortnite are spread all over the map. However, there's a small catch. Once inside a hideout, players can freely use the camera to track enemy movements around them. But once they come out of it, there's a small delay before players can shoot their weapons.


Although this delay may be insignificant, in an intense firefight, this minute delay can result in potential eliminations. So players need to be really careful when exiting a hideout. Other than that, these hideouts form an excellent spot to ambush other players, and can guarantee match winning scenarios if used effectively.

Hideouts in Fortnite were almost forgotten until a while back when Fortnite tweeted that they were disabling hideouts due to some issues. That's when a lot of players started asking what exactly these hideouts were.

The surprise that people have expressed with regards to this feature being disabled goes on to show that many people weren't really aware that hideouts even existed in the game.

However, now that the hideouts in Fortnite have been disabled, they will be re-enabled soon enough. Once they've been re-enabled, players will probably begin using them again. Here's a map from the the time when hideouts were initially introduced in the game. Although this map is old, there's a high chance that most of the hideouts will still be at the same spot.

Image via
Image via

With the hideouts in Fortnite disabled as of now, it's difficult to say how accurate this map is. Once the hideouts have been re-enabled again, an updated and a more accurate map will be available.

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