Hollow Knight Silksong isn't coming anytime soon, according to leaked release date

Hollow Knight Silksong isn't getting a release anytime soon (Image via Team Cherry)
Hollow Knight Silksong isn't getting a release anytime soon (Image via Team Cherry)

If fans' memories are fresh, the reactions after Hollow Knight Silksong skipping The Game Awards 2021 will be on everyone's minds. The majority of fans had anticipated the game's trailer and potential release date to be given out.

All they got instead was a complete skip from the developers, who didn't mention any other reason. Although a fresh Steam leak has given out a potential release date, it won't make fans very happy.


Team Cherry confirmed the sequel after the first game's success a while back. The 2D side-scrolling game takes the best of some games from the bygone era and crafts it in an attractive way. So it's no wonder why fans anticipating Hollow Knight Silksong so much and why it was missed at The Game Awards 2021 had upset so many people.

Hollow Knight Silksong has a potential date but likely a placeholder

Leaks on platforms from time to time give out a lot of new information to players. The recent Steam leak has done the same with information about upcoming games, potential release dates, and other available information that has come up.

Among the games that have been confirmed, Hollow Knight Silksong is there, along with a date. However, fans should note that the date reads February 28, 2028. So effectively, the game could come out any time in less than six years from the time of writing.

This date seems to result from Team Cherry being precautionary over incidents in the past. The game appearing in TGA 2021 was rumored, but people were upset when it didn't happen.

There's a chance that the game could genuinely come out after six years. However, given the release of the first game and the date of confirmation of the second, it seems highly unrealistic.

There have been very few rumors and information involving the game since it skipped TGA 2021. If E3 2022 takes place, there might be a case where the game's trailer could feature in the show. It will ultimately all depend on how much work the developers have done.

As of now, speculation is the only weapon that the community has over Hollow Knight Silksong. The community hopes there will be something concrete and official in the days to come.