Community trolls Hollow Knight: Silksong over complete absence at Game Awards 2021

Hollow Knight: Silksong was a no show at The Game Awards 2021 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Hollow Knight: Silksong was a no show at The Game Awards 2021 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Hollow Knight: Silksong is a highly-anticipated game, and a potential trailer for it was the talk of the town in the lead-up to the Game Awards 2021.

Social media users all over the world were almost certain that a Hollow Knight: Silksong trailer would feature among the many premieres that have become a staple of The Game Awards. One can't blame the community, as the sequel to the critically acclaimed Hollow Knight was confirmed way back in 2019.


Fans were also hoping to get some confirmation on potential dates, new features and more. To everyone's disbelief, Hollow Knight: Silksong never featured during the event.

That did not go down well with the gaming community and they have made sure to express their frustration, albeit in humorous ways.

Social media trolls Hollow Night: Silksong over Game Awards 2021 no-show

It started as soon as the Game Awards 2021 concluded and the Hollow Knight community realized that their expectations had not been met. With non-fulfilment of expectations comes frustrations, and with that comes internet trolling. At the time of writing, all social media outlets have been flooded with funny memes about the entire incident.

Best memes and trolls about absence of Hollow Knight: Silksong

Here are some of the funniest memes and troll posts about Hollow Knight: Silksong's conspicuous absence from the Game Awards 2021.

A clown, indeed!

One might almost be fooled by this post until they realize that this is not the official Hollow Knight: Silksong developer handle. In fact, the link opens to a page that seems to be loading but leaves the player hanging instead, just like news on the sequel!

Some more clowning!

How can Reddit be left out?

No, it doesn't unless you're a die-hard Hollow Knight: Silksong fan.

Yes, maybe Naruto can help!

Definitely the smartest person on the internet.

Does it hurt? Yes it does. Incidentally, Elden Ring won the Most Anticipated Game Award for the second time in a row at The Game Awards.

At least Slitterhead was announced by the man who gave the world Silent Hill.

Why shouldn't fans lose hope?

It's really painful when someone's favorite upcoming game gets delayed. However, it's even more painful when a great title is ruined due to premature execution. There have been several instances in the recent past where fans felt that a poor video game is one with potential, but ruined due to rushing it at the developmental stage.

Given how good the first release was, it's best to wait patiently for Hollow Knight: Silksong to get the complete experience.

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